I would sum up this blog in the following equation:

Lifetime of comic-book geekiness + Walking Dead episodes, present and past + Walking Dead comic series + my perspective + my crazy + random ranting + various inebriants + sleep deprivation + WordPress + Grooveshark + technical and emotional support from awesome family and friends + Talking Dead + comments and feedback from fellow WDO’s (Walking Dead Obsessed) + mad crushes on various Walking Dead cast members/characters + occasional technical factoids + homespun art and graphics + more ranting = http://www.barnfullawalkers.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. This is really cool. Walking Dead was recommended to me by family members, and I am hooked ! This blog brings perspective and cool art pictures. The creator is my sister, and I love her artwork !

  2. As I enjoy the postings on this amazing blogg, I am so in awe of my sister Katie. I remember several years back telling her about Battlestar Galactica and she went and watched all seasons…OMG, she was addicted! I was so thrilled to have someone to talk to about the series! I got the folks around here addicted to TWD from ground zero, but had no idea Katie was as passionate about my ‘group of survivors’ as I was…and that she would take it viral! Katie, I bow to you (as I watch Michonne blind the ‘Governor’ on AMC’s marathon…so good!). Again, so proud of you, little sister, and keep that passion going. Everyone, enjoy!

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