Barnfullawalkers: State of the Mayhem Address #1

Hello, sweet readers. I wanted to drop you a line and tell you that all is well, and as it is spring break in this part of the world, I will be asking for your forbearance as I ease up on my deadline schedule and enjoy a much-needed break with my family and friends.

The posts are coming, loves, I promise, and I will be using my time this coming week to write, and post, as soon, and as much, as possible.  I am also using this week; to rest, and play, and share the love and good times with the ones around me, because that is what’s most real, and most important, in my life.

I promise you that I am watching TWD, and feeling it, all with you.  I am loving the creativity, insights, and humor being produced on social media in countless love offerings to our favorite show.  I may not be playing along on social media these days as much as I would like, just because I need to put my time and creative energy into my writing first, and have fun with social media after I have published my posts.

I do promise that through it all, the writing will be happening, because I love my show, and my TWD Family, and I do stand by my crazy product. My post on the heartbreaking, game-changing Episode 514, “Spend,” is in the works, and will be published asap. However, this week, I am easing up on my stringent self-imposed deadline schedule, and taking some time to enjoy spring break, take care of myself, and spend some much-needed time with family and friends in the spaces of time between the writing.

We have a long summer ahead of us, my WD obsessed darlings, and there will be plenty of time to read, recap, and reminisce about the crazy ride TWD Season 5 has been thus far, and it ain’t over yet.

I am happy to report that this coming fall, my schedule is shifting slightly, to allow for me to have some more daylight writing time, and longer stretches of writing time, during WD blog season. This makes me very, very happy.

Be strong, my darlings. Lean on your Daryl Partners, implement your coping methodologies, go to Walking Dead support group. And know that I am watching it, and feeling it, along with you.  The posts are coming, I promise.  

Be strong, be well, and May the Force be with you, my TWD Family. 

Sincerely, barnfullawalkers

P.S. Enjoy the Spring Break 2015 playlist. 


Go Go’s, “Vacation”

Ramones, “Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio”

Beastie Boys, “Fight For Your Right”

Missy Elliot, “Get Ur Freak On”

Usher, “Yeah!” (feat Ludacris)

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