FTWD Episode 4, “Not Fade Away”

Hello, loves…it was my intention to post for each FTWD episode, but alas, our trusty little family laptop is having some issues. Many of the keys are not working, including the space key.

I don’t know yet if this is a small issue, requiring a simple cleaning/servicing, or a larger issue, yet. Until this issue is resolved, my usual tweakeresque-style of posting will be suspended.

I apologize for this, but I will resume posting  when all operations are fully functional.

(P.S. I am typing this post from my phone.)

A couple of thoughts before I save this text, then run to my embattled laptop and insert the bomb-ass playlist I created into the post.

I really am loving these L.A. playlists…they feel so silky on the skin!

First off, I am officially an FTWD fan. This show, in my opinion, is doing a righteous job in telling the story that we, the viewers, missed in The Walking Dead storyline.

This story takes time to tell…civilization does not unravel overnight. Be patient. Perhaps you can think of FTWD as an appetizer for the main course, TWD Season 6. Relax. Enjoy. Savor the sweetness of anticipation, and enjoy what’s in front of you, now.

As today is my birthday, I would like to share a realization I have come to over the years, especially with my journey as a blogger/aspiring writer and artist:

Be aware of the impulse to over-criticize, over-judge our own creative endeavors as well as the creative efforts of others.

It is a tendency we all have, as humans, and while having high standards and a discerning approach can drive each of us to strive for greatness, it can also be very damaging to our own creativity, and the creative expression of others, to heap judgement, criticism, and cruel comments on someone’s work.

Many of us crush our own creative process with self-criticism, self-condemnation. This unkindness to ourselves does not allow for the necessary learning and growth process.

My advice to each of you is, tell that critical voice inside your head to shut the hell up and to get the fuck in the back seat. You, dear readers, are the ones driving this car. Speak your truth, and let your voice be heard. Shine on, you crazy diamonds. ❤️

Second, I have a small birthday wish. I know there are peeps all around the world reading this blog. I don’t know who you are, many of you, but I know you are out there, reading. And thanks for that. I do hope you are enjoying my crazy, humble offering to TWD family & fandom. Much love. ❤️

What I ask us that, if you read this blog, reach out a little and show me the love, either by clicking on “Leave a Reply” on the bottom of any post and leaving me a comment, or by finding barnfullawalkers on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and giving me a follow. Links to my email and accounts are listed below.

(While I am too much of a grownup to actively troll for followers, or pay some service, I would love to hear from you all a little more.  You can even find me and follow me on Spotify.)

And for those of you who are brilliant enough to have sleuthed me and found my personal FB page and sent a friend request, thank you. I keep my personal accounts private, but am happy to have my world family on my public accounts.

Email: barnfullawalkers@gmail.com




Love and gratitude to you, dearest readers! Your readership and support is one of the greatest gifts in my world. ❤️

And p.s., this episode kicked ass, don’t give up on Travis, and the Maddy v Liza future Battle Royale component thrills me to my toes!

And now, a message from Rick Smash!:


Enjoy the playlist!

Another 99% L.A., 100% Awesome Playlist:

Lou Reed, “Perfect Day”

Cold War Kids, “We Used To Vacation”

Wardell, “Call It What You Want”

The Flesh Eaters, “See You In The Boneyard”

YG, “Momma Speech Intro”

YG, “Twist My Fingaz”

Schoolboy Q, “Hands On The Wheel”

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