The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 6, “Always Accountable”

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, dear readers, and I would be a big liar if I even tried to pretend that I was able to focus my full attention on TWD Episode 606 during the watching.

I’m not really sure what the hell happened there, honestly. In my world, Episode 606 was all a blur. 

 I remember  Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham being ambushed, and shot at, by some new asshole contingent who seem well-numbered, well-versed in the new world order, and well-fortified with automobiles,  trucks, and assorted weaponry.

This new mystery group boasts dicks-in-charge with manly names like “Wade” who drive big trucks, offer shelter and protection in exchange for obsequious bondage and human servitude, and who are prepared  to lop off an infected comrade’s bitten appendage at a moment’s notice,  with a ready  blade, a swift cut, a clap on the shoulder, and a “Walk it off,” buck-up speech after the dire deed is done.

I remember Daryl’s arms were looking especially fine, as was he, as Daryl sweetly spared the desperate young trio’s lives, even bringing back the cooler full of insulin for diabetic Tina, who somehow managed to get herself bitten by the  “mummified, but unbowed & undead” Walkers Under Glass (feisty pair, to be sure).

(Note to readers: No matter how dear a seemingly-departed someone may have been in life, it is not advisable to say final goodbyes anywhere near biting distance in the ZA. )  #survivaltips

While it did seem a huge waste of our man Daryl Dixon’s time to bring  insulin back to poor guaranteed-goner Tina, and  a gamble that was totally not worth it in the end, we TWD fans did get to see, and feel, once again, (with a sweet, familiar pang in our hearts) just how good, and beautiful, and righteous our man Daryl Dixon is. 

Our man is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside…how we love him! ❤️

As my computer is totally jacked, I am writing this on my phone, so I will bring this post home with a couple more points and a playlist.

Abraham and Sasha? Together as a couple? Totally weird, did not see that coming on one hand, but I did  notice how Spencer’s hotness index seemed to be dialed up a few notches thus far in Season 6, and I did notice (and remark on) how there were more shots, and moments, of Spencer and Rosita together.

Hey, whatever works, I guess…I think the whole ” living on borrowed time” factor changes the stakes in regards to dating and monogamy in the ZA. 

As long as everyone’s happy, for as long as they’ve got,  I’m happy for them, you know?

Daryl may have lost his bike, and his crossbow, for now, but I feel his parting words to the renegade duo, before they take off on his bike (“I’m sorry,” offers the young woman, mounted on the back of Daryl’s bike, carrying the bag containing Daryl’s crossbow, before they roar off… “You will be,” predicts Daryl) will most certainly come true. I feel that  we have not seen the last of those two.

In addition, Daryl scored a full fuel truck named Patty and quickly rejoined Sasha and Abraham (who scored a sweet grenade launcher and about 5 or 6 grenades, plus an ill-fitting soldier suit for Abraham to go a-courting in).

Pretty promising developments in the works for the end of TWD Episode 606, especially as our three warriors, driving the hell outta there in Patty the fuel truck, hear a voice on the radio (which sounded like Glenn to me!) utter one word:


I am hoping against hope that a full-scale rescue of Glenn Rhee may actually be in the realm of possibility…a gal can dream, can’t she?

Love and light to the peeps of the world, and prayers for healing. ❤️

Enjoy the playlist.


Eagles of Death Metal, “I Like To Move In the Night”

Best Coast, “Boyfriend” (for Daryl ❤️)

Savages, “The Answer” (I am not sure what Sasha’s answer to Abraham will be, but if it’s “Yes,” then I imagine they will need some pretty intense make out music…)

Dinosaur Jr.,  “Feel The Pain” (for Daryl ❤️)

Heartless Bastards,  “Be So Happy”

Metric, “Help I’m Alive”

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