TWD, Season 6, Episode 10, “The Next World”

Hey, gang, I’d been plugging steadily away at a sweet post for this lovely episode full of fun, flirting, frolic, fisticuffs, and finally, the hotly anticipated Richonne hookup…

<3<3 YES! <3<3

…but due to horrible technical snafus of all ilk and mettle, I am giving the fuck up and just throwing you lovely peeples the tasty, tasty playlists I’ve been compiling for all of these epic eps.

Rick and the gang, I love you; TWD family, I love you; computer seize ups and cortisol shooting upward out of the top of my freaking head and deadlines that never get met, I do not love you! (Nate, get back to the states as soon as you can, son, because we have some technical healing to do on this embattled laptop of mine, pleaaase.)

Sigh. It would have been epic, gang. I have the draft saved, so one day…but, until then, here’s some music to do shit to.

Enjoy the playlist, loves. I put some heart and soul into this one.

This playlist is a 14-song, multiera, multigenre celebration of sexy strangers, beefcake besties bumbling through boyish bromantic escapades, bittersweet endings (adieu, Deanna Walker, and Spencer’s boyhood innocence), and, of course, a sweet serenade of Richonne boom chicka wow-wow to get our hearts beating and blood pumping! ❤ ❤

jesus 33 paul rovia  but my friends call me jesus

P.S. I am def a true believer in both Richonne, and in Sexy Jesus…




The Next World Playlist:

Beastie Boys, “The New Style”

Broncho, “Class Historian”

Bouncing Souls, “Manthem”

Stray Cats, “Runaway Boys”

R.E.M., “Orange Crush”

Skrillex, “Stranger”

Local Natives, “Wide Eyes”

Rolling Stones, “Waiting On a Friend”

Yeasayer, “I Am Chemistry”

Marvin Gaye, “Sexual Healing”

Tango, “Spellbound”

The Labrats, “Give My Soul”

Barry White, “Never Never Gonna Give You Up”

Aretha Franklin, “You’re All I Need To Get By”











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