Eleven Songs of Summer

Well, gang, it’s back to school time in this corner of the world.  While the Summer of ’16 was short around these parts,  it surely was sweet.

It was a summer of rain, and summer storms, of heartbreaking headlines and political jousting. It was a summer of music festivals, and bangin’ new jams, of Comicon 2016 and the SDCCTWD panel, and the premiere showing of the TWD S7 official trailer:


It was a summer of glitter wars, and Neffrey (or Jorman, or Norman Dean Morgan, or whatever amalgamation name you prefer to use when referring to our favorite new bad-biker-boys-wearing-black-bromance of Norman Reedus & Jeffrey Dean Morgan ❤️❤️)

<I don’t care what you call it, just keep that shit coming, fellas. Hot, handsome, heartfelt & hardcore, just the way we like it, please and thank you.)

For me, it was a summer of highs, and lows, of growing pains, making strides,  breaking patterns, emotional landmines, and bullets (some dodged, some not).

My abridged summer was low carb, high-impact, low-intensity (and high blood-alcohol content). It was a summer of bumper crops, and bangin’ jams, of homemade hot pepper sauces, and  sleeping in.

It was a summer of work, and play, and more work. It was a summer of bingewatching long-awaited new seasons and new summer cult sensations. It was a summer of saying hello, and saying goodbye, to old and new favorite characters, and, thankfully, some characters we really couldn’t fucking wait to get rid of.


We celebrated the world champions of the Rio Olympics 2016, and we made the fun while the sun shone.

We even got a new epic post out of the deal:


To celebrate this epic Summer of ’16, may I present my summer slideshow, a d my playlist, Eleven Songs Of Summer. ❤️❤️

Eleven Songs Of Summer ❤️1️⃣1️⃣

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