TWD Season 7, Episode 1, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”

Time is short, and so I must be brief.

And, besides, the hours of work I put into this post got lost in the void, and I just have to roll with that. It’s ok. It’s how it goes sometimes.

I know I speak for all of us when I say that this week was a rough, rough week, all around.

It will take some time to process this loss, and I don’t think any of us in TWD fandom will really every be the same.

Time will pass, and time will lessen the pain, but the hurt and the heartbreak that we are feeling now will never really go away…it will heal, and scar over, but we will carry it always, and that’s ok, because it means we are carrying both Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford with us, always.

Glenn and Abe are what bravery, badassery, and being a beautiful, loving boyfriend are all about.

Send love to Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Carl, Sasha, Rosita, Michonne, Aaron, and Eugene. They have had to bear witness to unpeakable tragedy, and take a direct hit of immeasurable loss.

This moment, as Kirkman said, really does change everything, moving forward.

And, that being said, don’t be mad at Kirkman, or Gimple, or Nicotero. The Glenn death scene in Ep 701 was crafted in beautiful, bold, harrowing precision and detailed to recreate exactly how it went down in the comic series.

And, BTW, the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic series, where Negan makes his grand entrance and bashes poor Glenn Rhee to death with Lucille, his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, came out in 2012.  Four years ago.

I would say that Kirkman, Gimple and Nicotero have been holding back for quite some time, giving the television series audience a substantial buffer of time and space, to get ready, to prepare for the inevitable gauntlet that would come down on us, hard, that the comic book readers never got.

The way I see it, Kitkman, Gimple and Nicotero finally gave us PrimeTime Pollyannas a chance to earn that TWD cred and, finally, catch up to the Comic Book Set

Just something to consider.

And, don’t be mad at Daryl for being Daryl. No self-respecting Dixon ever sat idly by while some bully bashed their friend’s brains in and then turned to the grieving ex and taunted her with the bloody bat.

A Dixon would be like:


And, poor Daryl was devastated when he saw what his rash actions caused…


And now, poor Daryl is Negan’s new pet hostage.  And that is going to suck some major ass.

Don’t stay mad at him…he needs our love right now!

(Now, on that subject, don’t hate the messenger, but I feel like Daryl’s imprisonment will not only give us viewers an insider view on the working of the Saviors’ compound and all their weird cult shit, but it will also provide him with an opportunity to re-acquaint himself with Sherry, the beautiful runaway older sister who was with Dwight and poor, doomed Tina, in the burned forest.

I think that I sensed a connection between Daryl and Sherry, and if my hunches are correct, I think that Sherry might act as both a potential love interest for Daryl and a potential “damsel in distress” element that will wake Daryl out of his self-pity and self-condemnation, and spur him to action.

I know it’s hard for some to share their fave pretend bf, Daryl Dixon, but come on, people, we don’t want him to be some some asexual anime character, do we?

Daryl needs this, and Sherry seems like she’s super beautiful, super resilient and low-maintenance, and she did look super great riding away on the back of Daryl’s motorcycle…imagine how cute she would look riding away on the back of it, with Daryl riding them both the hell outta the Saviors’ compund!

The way I see it, Daryl needs a reason to live, and Sherry seems like she is in serious need of a rescue right about now…

I know it’s super shallow of me to even be talking about potential future hookups when Maggie, Sasha, and Rosita are seriously grieving the loss of their sweet loves, but hey, at least I got you thinking about something else for a minute, right?

The new world order of TWD Season 7 will be dark times, indeed, gang. Take care of yourselves, and take care  of each other.

We all need to send Rick, Maggie, Sasha, Rosita, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Aaron, and Eugene our unconditional love & support. Especially Rick.

Rick’s had to submit to a psychopath, being given no other choice, and this breaking of Rick’s leadership, and of his will, is what Greg Nicotero called, basically, as the real tragedy of TWD Ep 701.

Out man’s going to have to eat some shit, and it’s gonna be hard to watch, gang.

Remember this face, kids. Rick Smash! will be back, with a vengeance…

In the spirit of taking care of one’s self, I am going to be taking myself out of my self-imposed posting schedule on this blogsite and “easing up on the posting standards” for a while, posting mainly musical playlists, with maybe some pictures and/or text, on the blogsite.

I have been steadily posting since TWD Season 4 premiered, in the Fall of 2013, and this post marks my 69th post 😀 😀 😀

My readership is at an unprecedented high, with views from all over the world.  I am so thankful for everyone who has checked out my crazy blog, read my posts, listened to my playlists.

I’ve put a lot of love, heart, and more hours than I can count into this project, and I feel that some real magic has happened here. My life is busy in many ways, and I must give my full attention to the world around me.  I simply cannot sustain a weekly deadline at this point in my life, like I could in the past.

As my wise musician/artist friend put it, “When I create, or perform, I feel like I’m ‘wringing out the sponge,’ giving out everything I have.  Then, I need to take some time ro reabsorb, to fill my sponge again.”

And that is exactly what it feels like I need to do at this point, to reabsorb, recharge, and refocus my creative energies, and to simplify for a spell.

In the interim, I will continue to offer musical playlists, crafted individually to correspond to each TWD Season 7 episode.

In addition, I will continue to celebrate TWD up to the minute with postings of sweet pics and random thoughts on my barnfullawalkers social media accounts, where the conversation is just beginning:





To honor Glenn Rhee, and Abraham Ford, each playlist this season will include a song from a previous playlist, crafted individually for a past, epic episode.

In this way, we can honor those characters, episodes, and moments that we remember, and love, so well, as we navigate the rocky terrain of TWD Season 7.


Badassery Deadies to all TWD cast, crew, and creators, especially to Steven Yeun, Michael Cudlitz, Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira, Christian Serratos, Sonequa Martin-Green, Josh McDermitt, Ross Marquand, and, of course, to Robert Kirkman, Scott M. Gimple, and Greg Nicotero.

Bravo on a brave, bold, and beautifully harrowing episode, gang.

Mad props, and much love, always and forever.

For Glenn Rhee, and Abraham Ford, I humbly offer this playlist, which includes Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper,” which initially appeared in my playlist for TWD Ep 505, “Self Help.” That post, as well as the playlist, was a love offering to Abraham, Glenn, Eugene, Maggie, Tara, and Rosita, as well as being celebration of Eugene’s epic mullet.

Much love, gang, and enjoy the playlist.

S7 Catch Hell Blues Playlist:

Iron Maiden, “The Trooper”

Echo & The Bunnymen, “Nocturnal  Me”

The White Stripes, “Catch Hell Blues”

Lightning Bolt, “Captain Caveman”

Radiohead, “How To Disappear Completely”

Pretenders, “Birds Of Paradise”

Tame Impala, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”

Baroness, “The Gnashing”

Led Zeppelin, “That’s The Way”

Parquet Courts, “Human Performance”

Roy Orbison, “Crying”

Kansas, “Carry On Wayward Son”

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