TWD, Season 7, Episode 5, “Go Getters”

Well, gang, there was a whole lot to love with TWD’s Ep 705, “Go Getters.” 

It was as if Kirkman, Gimple & Nicotero knew, once again, that we in the TWD family needed a balm for our hurting hearts and we souls after last week’s episode, “Service,” forced viewers to take a knee and watch, in silent horror, as Negan, his goon squad, and his prized prisoner, Daryl Dixon,  raided Alexandria, fleecing  the community’s mattresses, meds, & munitions,  while Negan joked, threatened, and made great show of belittling and bullying our man, Rick Grimes, in front of his people, and eapecially, his son.

After that harrowing episode last week, “Go Getters” was just the medicine we TWD fans needed:  Maggie, and Sasha, yhe PSOAMS (Post-Apocalyptic-Sisters-On-A-Mission), the ride-or-die duo sharing laughter, tears, solace and sisterhood while showing the Hilltop just how it’s done, sons.

Whether they’re calling out Gregory (the Posterboy For Obsequious Bondage), lighting a fire under Jesus (“Whaddyou want, Jesus?”), crushing walker skulls or crushing booby-trap cars with a massive tractor (“Hello, farmer’s daughter.”), Maggie and Sasha are rising to new heights of beauty, brains, brawn and badassery.

Better together, and together forever, is my mantra for these two warrior goddesses, The PSOAMS ❤️❤️ Post Apocalyptic Sisters On A Mission ❤️❤️ Maggie & Sasha ❤️❤️


Go Getters Playlist:

Jose Gonzales, “Heartbeats”

Car Seat Headrest, “Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales”

Tori Amos, “A Sorta Fairytale”

The Doobie Brothers, “Jesus Is Just Alright With Me”

Elliot Smith, “Needle In The Hay”

The Shins, “Dead Alive”

Beat Happening, “Let’s Kiss”

Wavves, “Take On The World”

Chromatics, “Running Up That Hill”

Cat Power, “Sea Of Love”

Led Zeppelin, “Thank You”

Aretha Franklin, “I Say A Little Prayer”

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