The Walking Dead, Season 5 mid-season prepost, “Surviving Together”

“Surviving Together”

(All images used in this post are screen caps/promotional photos from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and the AMC official website.)

Hello again, dear readers, and may I begin my WD Season 5 mid-season prepost by wishing each and every one of you a Happy New Year…may 2015 be filled with love, luck, health, prosperity, and unprecedented fabulousness for us all.

This year, may we all pay it forward and share the love, especially with our dear gang, Rick Grimes and the Train Car Superstars & the New Additions (namely: New Carol, Tyrese, Baby Judith, Father Gabriel, and Noah).

Our gang needs the love, people, now more than ever.  They are hurting, bad, especially now, after the senseless murder of Beth.  Each one of our gang has experienced, at this point, a series of recent, significant losses on many levels: the loss of loved ones, the loss of home/shelter, the loss of previously-held ideals or belief systems, and the loss of the dream that somehow Eugene Porter did possess the knowledge and ability to cure the walker epidemic, and humanity could begin the process of setting the world right again.

It has been one cruel, horrific blow after another for our gang, as they have been forced, again and again, back out into the open, where they must fight for their lives all day, every day, against both the savagery of the undead walkers and the predatory nature of other living survivors.

As Daryl tells Father Gabriel, back in Season 5‘s episode, “Strangers,” compared to the constant threat the walking dead pose to the group’s very survival,(the living) people are worse.”

In this post-apocalyptic world, murderers, bandits, pillagers, and rapists roam the open, ready to kill whomever comes across their paths just to get whatever valuables or resources their poor victims possess. We all remember Dirty Joe and his band of Downstairs Thug Boys, who Rick eluded and escaped from, undetected (in pimp deputy fashion) in Season 4’s “Claimed,” and who poor Daryl was forced to join up with, for a spell, after Beth was abducted in the black Grady Memorial car in “Alone.”  

We TWD fans will certainly never forget the bloody and explosive confrontation in the Season 4 finale, “A,” when Joe and his band of degenerates finally track down Rick, Michonne, and Carl, preparing to finally mete out their revenge on Rick (for killing their buddy, Lou, back at the house, and leaving him to turn and attack the others) by first killing Daryl (who showed his love and loyalty to Rick, Michonne and Carl by offering Joe his life for theirs, thus pissing Joe, and Joe’s Daryl boner, off big-time), then gang-raping and killing first Michonnethen Carl, while Rick would be forced to watch, then, finally, shooting Rick dead.

Well, that was the plan, anyway…but thankfully, Rick Smash! had some ideas of his own, and the rest of that tale, my friends, is a now-classic moment in TWD history.

Joe, meet Rick Smash!

Joe, meet Rick Smash!

See that, Joe?  That's your neck and shit...

See that, Joe? That’s your neck and shit…

At this point in the zombie apocalypse, for any living ZA survivors who are out in the open, without a shelter or community to call their own, shit can go south at any moment. But, as we are finding, while established communities do exist, many are like well-guarded, impenetrable fortresses that seem to base their strength on the exploitation of the weak as much as anything else in these dire times…you get a roof over your head, but it comes with steep cost and a big side of crazy (think Woodbury, Sanctuary, Grady Memorial.)

As Abraham told Glenn, as they stood night watch together at the bookstore window in Season 5’s “Self Help,” anybody still alive at this point in the apocalypse is strong, and if they’re strong, and they can help you, then you help them…but, if they’re strong, and they can hurt or kill you, then you have to kill them.  It’s a brutal, uncompromising reality of these times:

Never let your guard down. Kill or be killed. Surviving together is all that matters.

Dirty Joe laid it out for Daryl in Season 4’s “Us,” with surprising eloquence for a roughneck sociopath: “See, goin’ it alone, that’s not an option nowadays…still, it’s survival of the fittest.  That’s a paradox, right there.” 

The Walking Dead’s Season 5 mid-season finale episode, “Coda,” ended with the shot of our gang, Daryl in the center, bearing Beth’s lifeless body in his arms, facing out into the blasted skyline of Atlanta from the parking lot of Grady Memorial Hospital.

The final shot of the Season 5 midseason finale...

Where does our gang go,  from here?

AMC has released three separate trailers, the last being the first two minutes of the upcoming TWD Season 5 mid-season premiere.  

Check them out:

It appears, especially from the video of the first two minutes of the Season 5 mid-season premiere, that the gang is planning on going north to Noah’s home town, outside of Richmond, Virginia.  It is about 530 miles from Atlanta to Richmond, travelling along the interstate highways of I-85 N and I-95 N, and going through, or near, the cities of Charlotte, Thomasville, and Durham, North Carolina.

In the trailer, we see images of the prison, Hershel’s farm, and what looks like Noah and his twin brother, and perhaps their home, a cozy little house nestled in the woods. Back in Season 5’s “Slabtown,” Noah tells Beth that he wants to get back up to the Richmond and reconnect with his mom.  From what Rick says in the trailer, it seems that Noah’s destination is a secure place with walls, homes, and twenty people.

“It’s a long trip,” says Rick, “but if it works out, it’s the last long trip we’ll have to make.”

Glenn, looking down, is taking this all in, asks, “What if it isn’t around anymore?”

Rick-In-Charge’s reply is immediate. “Then we keep going.”

Michonne’s voice adds, “Then, we find a new place.”

It is an epic journey, a tall order, even for Rick Grimes and the Train Car Superstars & the New Additions. 530 miles is a long way, especially when travelling through some heavily populated areas en route to their final destination.

There are surely many obstacles our gang must face along the way, and if the first half of Season 5 is any indication, Rick and the gang are going to come up against all sorts of new dangers in Season 5 2.0.  

Walkers. Nomadic, predatory living savages on the roam. Psychotic societies. Hunger, exposure, exhaustion, grief, despair.

I, dear readers, like you, can only speculate, ruminate, self-medicate…and hope against hope that our gang can make it to Noah’s family’s compound alive and intact.

Here are some thoughts, questions, and predictions I can offer, along with my constant prayer, my constant mantra:  Please, oh please, let Rick and the gang make it safe and sound through this damn walker apocalypse! Surely there is hope…isn’t there?

First, let’s talk about Rick Grimes(aka Rick-In-Charge, Rick Smash!, Rick Fucking Grimes)

Rick Grimes still

Ahhhh…Rick Grimes. When these blue cast still shots came out, and I saw this picture of Andrew Lincoln/Rick Grimes for the first time, it was so freaking hot, I gulped my coffee down too quickly, burning my tongue.  

Ouch!  Pain, and pleasure, served up simultaneously, as often happens in this life.

What does Season 5 2.0 have in store for our favorite deputy?

From the mid-season premiere teaser, it appears that Rick, once again, is going right into Rick-In-Charge mode, doing exactly what needs to be done, in the moment: securing vehicles, getting the crap outta scorched Atlanta, honoring Beth with a burial and a service, talking with Noah, and making a plan (ostensibly, to travel north to Noah’s family’s compound, outside of Richmond).

While Rick is surely devastated by the sudden, unexpected loss of Beth, he has his children, and his extended family, to think of, and he always does exactly that, thinking of the needs of those around him, and putting them first.

By this point, Rick has honed his ability to shelve his personal needs, and sorrows, grief, and doubts, and focus on the task at hand, whether it be getting his group out of an immediate life-or-death situation, or planning, delegating, and executing the steps necessary to embark on the next challenge or journey ahead for him and his people.

And that’s all well and good for the group, whether they want to recognize or not…we know Rick, the leader, has it all dialed in, but what about Rick, the man?

And such a man, at that…

The way I recall it, the last time our man, Rick Grimes, got to do anything simply for his own pleasure, he was puttering around in the prison’s garden and tending to the hogs. And we all know how that ended up, with poor Rick having to slash his beloved piglets’ legs and throw them to the walker horde that was threatening to topple the prison’s fences.

And, the last time our man, Rick Grimes, got any play, he was having some marital missionary with Lori, who was too consumed with guilt for hooking up with Shane for it to be any fun at all for either of them…like, a year and a half ago.  This simply will not do, people.

This aggression will not stand.

Rick Grimes, the man, needs some loving. He needs some sweetness and some tussle under, and above, the covers. He needs some fine female to keep him warm on those cold, postapocalyptic nights.

He needs some Richonne.

Richonne is social media’s name for the potential Rick/Michonne hookup, and I am completely and totally on Team RichonneI have said it before in previous posts, and I will say it now.  I vote definitely yes for Richonne.

Michonne is the only woman I can imagine to be completely badass enough to be Rick Grime’s woman, and Carl and Judith’s NewMom.  While I try not to bogart the Daryl, or the Rick Grimes, I can tell you that I would pretty much hate any inferior female who would even try to get on that shit. Sorry. Nobody but Michonne rates for Rick Grimes, and that’s just how I feel about it.

Now, speaking of, let us move on to Bachelor #2, Daryl Dixon:

Daryl Dixon still

Sigh. Our poor, sweet, beautiful, brokenhearted man, Daryl Dixon. Poor baby. The loss of Beth is going to hit him hard, and deep.  It may take a while for him to recover from this one, if he ever does.

As I said before, in my midseason finale post for “Coda,” I do hope that Daryl’s grief and mourning for Beth doesn’t drive a wedge in between him and Carol, whose caring, love, and connection with one another reached a new level in Season 5’s “Consumed.”

Judging from the fan postings on social media, that there are many of us out there who are rooting for Daryl and Carol (aka Caryl) to take it to the Next Level.  I feel that Carol, especially her current badass incarnation, New Carol, will be able to give Daryl the time, and space, he needs to work things out right now in his head, and in his heart.

But, don’t take too long, Daryl, because life is short, especially in these times, and who knows how much time anybody has at this stage of the game?

Carpe diem, Daryl Dixon. Seize the day…seize the Caryl!

And, speaking of New Carol….

Carol still

God, how I have grown to love this woman.

Remember Carol back in Season 1, crying and cringing and letting her gross abusive husband, Ed, beat on her?  And look at her now: singlehandedly spearheading the killing of Terminus, riding shotgun with Daryl without question in Operation Rescue Beth, surviving both a three-story drop in a van teetering on the edge of an overpass and a full-on collision from a speeding Grady Memorialmobile. 

Mad props to a total badass. If Rick Grimes is The Man, then New Carol is The Woman. 

I predict New Carol is going to continue to bring it in Season 5 2.0, and wow us, and hopefully, pull Daryl out of this funk and show him what cougar is all about.

And speaking of badasses…

Michonne still

Michonne.  Like Rick, we have seen much of the “getting it done” side of Michonne.

Sister can get the job done like none other, and mad props to that.

I am, however, wanting to see more of the softer side of Michonne, the side we saw of her in her flashback dream sequence in Season 4’s “After,” when she was all dolled up and looking pretty, chopping bread and cheese in her airy, urbane apartment in Atlanta, trading banter and witticisms with her boyfriend, Mike, and his best friend, Terry, and cuddling her adorable toddler son, Andre Anthony.

We have seen glimpses of this softer side of Michonne, laughing with Rick, being tender with Carl, and Judith, and by golly, we like it.

We want more of all of it…we want more of the katana-wielding, walker-head spearing, warrior badass Michonne, but we also want to see more of the smiling, girly, giggly, Michonne, the mother figure/best friend who counsels and jokes with Carl, who cuddles and coos baby Judith (as opposed to Michonne, before, in Season 4’s “Infected,” when, after the prison outbreak of the Explodey Flu, Michonne must reluctantly take Baby Judith from Beth, just for a moment, while Beth goes to get a diaper or something. Michonne holds the baby uncomfortably at arm’s length, pained, wincing when Baby Judith begins to cry.  But, after a moment, we see Michonne give in to her mothering instincts, as she pulls the baby close, and, with silent tears streaming down her face, lets herself feel, for the first time since losing her own baby, the love that a mother feels for a child).

Such a beautifully done, wrenching scene, as we viewers, and Beth, realize for the first time that Michonne must have lost a child in the apocalypse.

And now, look at her in Season 5, wearing the baby on her back as she kills the push of walkers, flirting and joking with Rick, opening up to Carl.

Yes! We say yes to all of this. We want more. We want Richonne!

Kirkman, Gimple, darlings, we TWD fans have a request…we want more sex with our violence, please and thank you.

Speaking of sex, and violence…let’s move on to a couple of our favorite couples:

Glenn stillMaggie Greene still

Couple #1: Glenn and Maggie

Glenn and Maggie. How we love them, now more than ever.

Maggie is sure to be devastated right now, struggling with her sister Beth’s death. She will be in the throes of grief. She has truly, now, lost her entire blood family.

It really has not been too long ago since Maggie and Beth witnessed the horror of their father, Hershel’s, murder at the hands of the Governor, when he sliced into Hershel’s neck with Michonne’s katana…maybe a week or two ago, at most?

In that moment, when Rick screamed, “No!” and fired the first shot, igniting the final battle for the prison, our gang’s prison home was lost forever.

After the battle, the gang was forced to flee the burning wreckage of the prison, running for their lives in small ragtag bands.  Maggie and Glenn, who was still weak from being sick, became separated, but Maggie kept hope alive and tirelessly searched for Glenn, until fate brought them together again in a darkened tunnel, along with Tara, Sasha, Bob, and Team Eugene.

From there, Maggie, Glenn, Tara, Sasha, Bob, and Team Eugene pushed onward, reaching Terminus, which of course did not turn out the way they had hoped…fickle fate, however, smiled upon the gang, and they found themselves reunited in Terminal train car “A.”  

With the help of Maggie’s strength and determination, the gang trapped inside train car “A” kept their focus on where it needed to be, and soon Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob were there to spring the rest free, and with the help of New Carol, the gang was able to make their epic escape from Terminus.

Then, despite the grim circumstances of Bob’s capture, torture, and demise, and being a horrified witness to the church massacre of Gareth and the Terms, Maggie once again chose positivity and readily embraced the dream of she, Glenn, Tara, and Team Eugene helping Eugene Porter get to Washington D.C., so he could figure out and implement a cure to the walker epidemic, thus beginning the long process of restoring the world to some semblance of order.

Then, that dream was dashed to the ground (along with Eugene’s mulletted skull, courtesy of Abraham Ford’s beatdown, after Eugene admitted he’d been lying about having the cure all along…thankfully, Eugene’s epic, full mullet provided enough cushion for Eugene to survive Abraham’s beatdown, and so, here we are), and Maggie, being young, and in love, and just wanting to live a normal, happy life, cried at this loss.

Through all this sorrow,  Maggie prevailed, and then she learned that her sister, Beth, was alive and being held at a hospital, and that Rick and the others went to go get her. And Maggie cried again, but this time, she cried with joy at the thought of being reunited with her sister.

And horribly, tragically, once again, Maggie’s hopes were dashed when she saw Daryl emerge from Grady Memorial, crying, bearing Beth’s lifeless body in his arms, causing Maggie (and many of us TWD fans) to collapse to the ground, sobbing in despair.

Ugh, so awful, just the worst, ever.

How will Maggie be able to continue on, after all this?

One word: Glenn.

Glenn and Maggie have such a strong love and connection with one another. Glenn will be there for Maggie, will be there to support her, to offer her unconditional love and comfort, and be the reason for her to carry on, despite all the hardship and loss she has faced in such a short time.

Glenn once said that he cared more about Maggie’s welfare than his own, and I have no doubt that the feeling is mutual. While Maggie will surely struggle with the loss of Beth, and her core faith in a positive outcome for the world may be shaken, Maggie is a strong, resilient young woman.  With Glenn’s strength and love to support her, Maggie, I feel, will get through this.  Both Glenn and Maggie have been invaluable to the group, and I feel they will continue to be power players and game changers throughout Season 5 2.0 and beyond.

And speaking of love, and strength, let us talk about this next couple…

Abraham Ford stillRosita still

Couple #2: Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinoza.

I have many hopes for these two, both as individuals and as a couple.  I do hope that Abraham’s “post-Eugene-confessional wack attack” hasn’t put a damper on Rosita’s feelings for him as a mate, because I really like these two together.

I have asked myself, before:  Would Abraham (who was married, I know) theoretically have had a chance with a young hottie like Rosita in pre-apocalyptic times?

Who knows, but, honestly, I do know that I  have to entertain myself somehow while doing the dishes, and chemistry’s a funny thing. You never really know who’s going to turn your crank. It may be someone you never thought you’d be attracted to. You can have the best sex of your life with someone you would never want to admit to, or be seen with, in a million years.  I know I sound like a dick right now, but hey, people, it’s the crazy truth.

Don’t rekill the messenger.

The way I see it, the apocalypse may work in some people’s favor, as options are seriously limited these days in finding a suitable mate, and so, being alive, breathing, and still in possession of most of your limbs are real assets for those being considered a prospective love interest for post-apocalyptic hotties.

But, speculations about post-apocalyptic dating pools aside, I am looking forward to looking a little deeper into both these characters, especially now that Abraham’s fanaticism about Eugene has been taken out of the equation.  Now that the gang can unite on a shared mission, all together, I can’t wait to see how Abraham and Rosita interact with each other, and the others in the group.

I love watching both Abraham and Rosita in the heat of battle, as both are sexy beasts and fearsome warriors. I look forward to seeing how Abraham lends his humor, insights, leadership, and strength to the group dynamic, and of course, I am totally looking forward to seeing how Rosita dresses, and accessorizes, in this latest installment of the WD series.

And, I am hoping that Abraham and Rosita’s unbridled sexuality will get some things heating up with the other prospective, and existing, couples of the group.

Take some notes, Rick, Daryl, and the gang!

And, speaking of as-yet-unrealized love potential, it’s time to talk about….

Tara still

Tara.  When we met Tara,  she was living with her sister, Lilly, her niece, Megan, and her father, Don, holed up in a little apartment, living on canned foods, and trying to wait out the apocalypse.  Now, Tara has proven herself time and time again, being strong, being kind, being straight up, having the others’ backs. Tara has become both a key member of the gang, and one of my favorite TWD characters.

Feisty, funny, and adaptable, Tara has come a long way from being the rookie police academy student who didn’t know the first thing about killing walkers, but who fronted tough as the protector of her little family unit, until the Governor, unkempt and disarmed, stumbled into their little apartment building, and into their lives.

Before long, Tara, Lilly, and Megan were taken under the Gov’s protection, played as the Gov’s “Get Into Camp Martinez With A Free Pass” card, and, before Tara could make sense of all of it,  she was being enlisted (along with her now-deceased girlfriend, Alicia) as a reluctant foot soldier into the Gov’s Makeshift Army 2.0. 

I predict Tara will continue to blossom, and be awesome, in Season 5  2.0.  I also imagine she will be a key figure in helping this guy get over his Major Party Foul with the rest of the righteous gang:

:Eugene Porter still

Eugene Porter (aka, “Dr. Mull”)

Eugene, Eugene, Eugene…why’d you have to go and lie, and lie, and lie like that?  I know why, but let this be a lesson to you, son.  Don’t lie to our good peeps again.  Be the new, better Milton and teach the peeps how to purify water, make homemade batteries, shit like that, as you all make your way north to Noah’s family.

I still have the niggling dread that you may have to lie your ass off sometime in the near future, however, Eugene, because I still am not convinced that we have seen the last of this guy…

...could it be?


Gareth…or Greg…courtesy of the Evil Terminal Twin Conspiracy Theory (aka the ETTCT)

Once again, if I am right about this, please don’t rekill the messenger, my TWD obsessed darlings, but there is that damn line in the Season 5 trailer, from back in the fall of 2014, that hasn’t quite been explained yet…the line that Gareth, or Greg, or Gareth’s ghost, utters, presumably to our righteous band of brothers and sisters:

“You don’t have a choice…none of you…you join us, and we go to Washington, and cure this thing.

I don’t want to ever see a damn Terminan again, darlings. Nobody wants them in the past tense more than me.  Bad chapter, total nightmare, lesson learned, let’s move on, shall we?  That is what I ask, darlings…shall we move on, or…not?

That damn line is like the one thing in the room that doesn’t quite have a place…the room’s been cleaned, vacuumed, arranged, and you’ve got the aromatherapy candles burning and shit smells nice, but you’re left holding that one damn item in the room that doesn’t have a place, anywhere. You consider just tossing it, but the item actually does serve some obscure purpose, so you can’t just throw, or give, it away.  You have to find a place for it…but where does it go?

Why would such a tight operation like The Walking Dead put a line in the upcoming season trailer that was never going to make it to the final cut?   And that damn line hasn’t happened yet. I am left holding it, and don’t know where to put it.

So, dear readers, you tell me…do we have an evil twin situation here, or what?

Talk to me, people. Drop me a line.  I am tired of reading spam in my comments section.  I am even starting to approve the spam, and compose thoughtful replies in response to it.  (I know you are out there reading this stats page tells me so!) 

All over the world, you are picking up what I’m putting down here, so tell me what you think… I promise that I am very good at composing thoughtful replies!

But, please, no mean tweets…those would make me cry. Seriously.

Anyhow, I don’t know where to put that Gareth line, and if anybody out there has an explanation for it that doesn’t involve us seeing any living, breathing, scheming Terminans ever again, please drop me a line and tell me your theory.

I’ll bake and send you a damn cake or something.

Now, what the hell was I originally talking about?  Oh, yeah, Eugene….I have a feeling that you are going to have to lie your ass off and portray yourself as a real expert on the subject of walker apocalypse reversal at some point in the future, Eugene, and the gang is going to have to play along, too, until they figure out what to do about the Gareth/Greg situation, and the Terminans not all being quite dead yet…and, remember, my WDO darlings, nobody wants me to be wrong about this more than me.  

Don’t blame me for the ETTCT, blame that damn line!

And with that, let us please change the subject, and talk about…

Sasha stillTyrese still

Super-sibs, Sasha and Tyrese…brother and sister from the same mister.

Sometimes I try to imagine what Sasha and Tyrese’s family life was like when they were growing up. They were probably the cutest kids, and I can see clearly a long family table at Thanksgiving, or some other celebration, laden with home-cooked family delicacies and surrounded by smiling, laughing, beautiful people of all generations, sharing family and fellowship together.

There were probably kids of all ages running around, and I can almost see Sasha as a little girl with pigtails, and Tyrese, who was surely growing faster than anyone could keep up with (“Sweet lord, I swear that boy grew an inch since yesterday!”).

They are both so sweet, and good, and tough, but tender, and I am sure they suffered much loss in those first days, and weeks, of the apocalypse.  Remember when they said they hid out in a neighbor’s underground bunker, for like, two weeks when the shit all first went down, back in Season 3, when Carl had them locked up in a large holding cell in the prison?

That must have majorly sucked.

Season 3 feels like forever ago.

Sasha and Tyrese certainly have their inherent differences, but they do share a strong filial love and a similar grief in that they have each lost someone they were truly in love with very recently, in violent, horrible circumstances.

Sasha is still reeling, trying to recover from the shock and loss of Bob, with whom she was smiling, joking, and falling in love with just a few days ago, and poor Tyrese is reeling from both the fairly sudden, unexpected loss of Karen (after she fell ill with the Explodey Flu and was preemptively dispatched in her feverish delirium by Viral Vigilante Carol’s knife), and the nightmarish Lizzy/Mika scenario from Season 4’s “The Grove.”

Both these super sibs have some real healing and soul-searching to do, but who knows it they, or any of our gang, will have a chance to do so, as things move pretty quickly in the walker apocalypse these days.  Our gang has barely a chance to catch their collective breath before another round of messed-up mayhem kicks up.

Speaking of moving quickly, these two have some catching up to do…


Father Gabriel and Morgan.  

While these two characters are certainly very different, both men share certain similarities…their individual circumstances in the walker apocalypse led them both to lead solitary lives for quite some time.

While Gabriel is finding himself within a group, and community, once again, and is awkwardly trying to reestablish human connection and relationship, at this point, Morgan is still quite a few paces behind the crew.

Stepping into Gabriel’s abandoned church, looking around and laughing to himself at the disarray, Morgan kneels at the altar after placing a few key items upon it (including a rabbit’s foot, which I imagine to have been his son, Duane’s) for a moment of silent prayer, before finding the map to Washington D.C. that Abraham outlined, along with the written message:

“The new world’s gonna need Rick Grimes.”

Morgan’s face, upon seeing this, says it all, as his eyes widen in recognition at the name on the note.

My thoughts about this run along the lines of: Morgan, get yourself a car and get to driving north, because there’s a great chance that at this point, you will be able to catch up to Rick Grimes and the Train Car Superstars & The New Additions if you act quickly and get the hell out of this cursed forest. 

Morgan, you and Rick and the gang need each other right about now, and you don’t want to get left behind, so you need to haul ass now and find them.

And, if you play your cards right, you may even get a chance at a relationship with a fine young man who has lost a father, and maybe even get a new chance at love with his mom, who has lost a mate and is waiting for her son to come back to her. (I know, but I am a hopeless idealist, what can I say?)

I have to choose hope, and positivity, because I am thinking about…

Carl Grimes still

Dawn replies that Beth was her ward, and now she's lost a ward...and she, Dawn, lost good men who were killed looking for Noah, so she needs a new ward, and she needs Noah.


The Future.

Carl. Noah. Baby Judith. They represent the future.  Beth should be among them, but she chose to stand up for, and die for, what she believed in…for justice.

Surely, Beth knew what would probably happen when she chose to stand up to Dawn Lerner and plunge the hospital scissors into Dawn’s chest. And she did it anyway. A true warrior, a true badass.

Beth would tell the gang to keep believing, to keep fighting for the future.  And whatever happens, however it all goes down, I know that’s what the gang will do.  That’s why we love them, that’s why we believe in them.  We are all in it together, surviving together. The WD writers, producers, cast and crew, and the fans are part of a crazy, sometimes dysfunctional, but always loving family.  The Walking Dead Family. 

Until Sunday, people.  Be safe, be well, and enjoy the playlist.

Season 5 2.0 Lucky 7 Playlist:

Run The Jewels  “Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck) (feat. Zack De La Rocha)

TV On The Radio  “Careful You”

Real Estate  “Had To Hear”

Vance Joy  “Mess Is Mine”…

Led Zeppelin  “Friends”

Judas Priest  “Heading Out To the Highway”

AC/DC  “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)” (For those WD fans about to rock Season 5 2.0, we at barnfullawalkers salute you…cheers!)

2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead, Season 5 mid-season prepost, “Surviving Together”

  1. Holy smokes, this was great! Gosh, you’ve thought through so much. I agree about Season 4 finale–it blew me away and I wondered how could they ever top that? Then Season 5’s Sanctuary shows up and it blows me away even more!

    I can’t wait for the mid-season premier. It’s on my list of things to watch and not miss!

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