The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 9, “What Happened and What’s Going On”

“What Happened and What’s Going On”

(All images used are screen caps from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” unless otherwise specified.)



Well, people, dally as I might, it’s time to face the beast.

It’s been 24 hours since Sunday night’s airing of The Walking Dead’s Season 5 mid-season premiere episode, “What Happened and What’s Going On,” and I am finally ready to start writing.

If you’re new here, welcome aboard the crazy train. These posts take a while, because I am a mom, wife, and working stiff, and the writing happens in the hours between the million things I have to do, all the time.

My WD buddy, who is ever-so-wise, says that she likes reading my posts sometime on Sunday, before watching that night’s WD episode. Great idea, and it buys me some valuable time! 🙂

My posts are ever evolving into something I cannot even begin to define, and my Season 5 writing schedule has come to include a Friday All-Nighter, or as close to one as I can manage.  This long stretch of writing in the lonely hours begins when I get home, around 8pm, from my day job (the paycheck one, not the mom one).

Once I get home, and make sure everyone is taken care of, tucked in, kissed and cuddled, I begin the process of getting myself set up for a full night of rewatching and writing.  The set up, of course, covers all angles, from cozy pj’s and slippers to a full-spectrum beverage selection, including water, green tea, and whatever else I select to kill the pain and keep myself going, for long, long hours until I click on “Publish,” usually sometime right before dawn.  If I have the energy, I will then have one more celebratory beverage and watch an episode of Archer before collapsing into bed.

So, the posts are usually up by Saturday morning, available for readers to recap and reimmerse into the previous week’s WD episode.

Sorry if that feels late, but it comes when it comes, and until I can quit my day job and devote full time to this kind of thing for my daily doubloons, it will just have to be something we all look forward to. Especially me.

And, on the bright side, once a post is published, it will be available online for the rest of our natural lives, and beyond. 🙂

The only reason I am able to do any of this is because my husband is awesome, and he supports my crazy endeavors, as I support his.  We have grown together so much over the years of being friends, sweethearts, then married sweethearts, fellow artists, and lifetime compadres who are raising two spirited young boys together, and these fine days, we are knocking it out of the ballpark as far as putting in a righteous effort in the name of love and family (blood, marriage, and extended…you know who you are!).

It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.  It’s everything.

So, as today is Valentine’s Day, I would like to show my sweetie an extra nugget of love, and brag on him to the world.  I do not normally post personal pictures on this blog, but this is just too beautiful not to share.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce my husband:

Like. A. Boss. This pic was taken last weekend at a buddy's backyard bowl. My husband is a pro/am skateboarder, an amazing drummer, and a master carpenter who could build a house from the foundation up.  He is amazing, and when he skates, it's pure fire and poetry. True Story: When we were first courting, I was at his place, sitting on the couch.  I picked up an issue of Thrasher and opened right to a full-page picture of my husband doing this trick...

Like. A. Boss. This pic was taken last weekend at a buddy’s backyard bowl. My husband is a pro/am skateboarder, a genius drummer, and a master carpenter who could build a house from the foundation up. He is amazing, and when he skates, it’s pure fire and poetry. True Story: When we were first courting, I was sitting on his couch, and I picked up an issue of Thrasher magazine and opened it right to a full-page picture of my husband doing this trick. I was like, “Well, ok, then, I guess you can be my boyfriend!” 🙂  I love you, sweetie. Thank you for being my forever boyfriend.

Sorry to be so sappy, but it’s Valentine’s Day, for chrissakes, and sometimes you gotta shout it from the rooftops, even if it’s cheesy.

Sometimes, you gotta be like:

john  cusack

And, I am happy to report, this post is really turning out to be about LOVE 

As harrowing as this episode was, it was deeply beautiful, a work of pure artistry and mastery, and is an amazing tribute to Tyreese, and Chad Coleman.

Our man, Greg Nicotero, is evolving into a true visionary as a director. And Scott M. Gimple…within that calm, serene exterior beats the heart of a crazy genius and a beautiful madman.

Gimple and Nicotero are the top generals of Kirkman’s Army, the on-point, forever family team of cast and crew, the TWD Family. 

Nicotero, Gimple, and Kirkman’s Army will enforce, all day, every day, The Law of Kirkman.

For those of you who know the Law of Kirkman, say it with me:

Kirkman does as Kirkman wants, and Kirkman can, and will, play with our emotions. It’s nothing personal; it’s how he do!

Speaking of…my friend Mona told me that she read that the unexplained Gareth line in the Season 5 trailer, the one I based a whole Evil Terminal Twin Conspiracy Theory on, was put in there just to throw everyone off the Season 5 plot trail.

Is that true, Robert Kirkman?  Would you really do us like that?

<Mentally insert image of Kirkman here, smiling and pointing upward ^^^ towards aforementioned Law of Kirkman, “Um, think you just answered your own question!”>

Kirkman, Kirkman, Kirkman…I know it’s not personal…it’s just how you do. But, once again, I do know why Chris Hardwick yells, “Kirkman!”

Pretty tricksy, Precious, but I’m not 100% giving up on the ETTCT,  yet…

However, many in The Comic Set are buzzing these days about many clues, references, and “Easter Eggs” in Episode 509 that may suggest the imminent arrival of new, darker, meaner characters from the comic series into the WD Season 5 storyline.

On this, I will say no more, but the information is of course out there for those who want to find it.  I will point out what I see, in this post, but not elaborate in a spoilerish fashion.  Who knows what will happen? All will be revealed in due time, and as my WD buddy says, “The show is different!”

So, perhaps we are done with the Terminan chapter, for now, and we’re moving on to bigger, badder, and meaner villains. It certainly appears that way.  

It is safe to say that after watching Episode 509, “What Happened and What’s Going On,” that our gang certainly has more immediate, pressing issues at hand than worrying about Potential Future Terminans.

What the gang finds upon their arrival at Shirewilt Estates completely snuffs any promise of community, and shelter, or respite of any kind to be had there. The meaner characters have already paid a visit, and they left their calling card of unprecedented carnage and cruelty, lying among the wreckage and devastation of the once surviving walled community.

So sad, scary, and not good. So not good.

My WD buddy posted on my barnfullawalkers FB page: I’m thinking of starting a Walking Dead support group.

Brilliant, right?  I was in complete awe and agreement with this visionary plan.

I posted in reply: I am Joe’s complete lack of serotonin.

Greg Nicotero said on Talking Dead that Episode 509 was a very “manipulative episode.” 

It certainly was, and the shock of it made it all the more effective, and affecting, for the viewers. After losing two key, beloved characters within the first part of Season 5, we TWD fans were certainly not expecting to lose another beloved member of our sweet gang so quickly, and in such devastating fashion.

Tyreese! <sob!> ❤

Earlier that week, when we TWD fans were all watching the First Two Minutes trailer that AMC released for Episode 509 online, we all thought the funeral and burial we were seeing was for Beth, right?


Personally, I was feeling pretty certain this episode was going to focus on the different members’ grief and process over Beth’s death, and the group’s deciding of what the next step(s) would be, and of course, the challenge of “surviving together” in the open, without shelter or ready food/water supply, vulnerable to both walkers and living predators.

In my Season 5 2.0 prepost, “Surviving Together,” I thought I was being all cute and clever, talking about romantic hookups and stuff like that.

Being the Prime Time Pollyanna that I am, I thought that we TWD fans were going to be eased in to the mayhem that was soon to come in Season 5 2.0.  I know, I know. Mock away. Laugh.

I’m feeling pretty dumb about a whole bunch of things right about now, especially since, apparently, Tyreese’s name has two “e’s” in the middle, and I’ve been spelling our man’s name wrong, with only one “e” in the middle, THIS WHOLE TIME.

<Mentally insert here the peals of laughter and mockery from The Comic Book Set, who of course know how to properly spell Tyreese’s name, and who clued in to the many references from the comic series that were hidden within Episode 509we know, we know, you guys are so much smarter than us Prime Time Pollyannas!>

I realized the distressing Tyreese Misspelling Debacle as I, emotionally shattered and tipsy from too many 420 tall boys ($1.59 each, 2/$3.00 at the neighborhood bodega, so of course that shit’s my new tech), began watching Talking Dead (finally!) after 75 minutes of Better Call Saul being wedged in between TWD and TD.  

And. speaking of, while I do love Bob Odenkirk as much as anyone (being a devotee of Mr. Show, back in the day, and of all things that are Bob Odenkirk), and I do want his new show to literally bathe in critical praise and mad success, I’m thinking a better name for that manuever would be Better Never Do That Again, AMC

Seriously, dude.  It wasn’t good.

I was teetering on the brink of a nervous episode by the time TD came on, and judging from the two or more times Chris Hardwick came on air during the commercial breaks, reassuring the viewers that the Better Call Saul “cuts, butts, and coconuts” situation was a one-time thing only, I can only guess I wasn’t the only TWD fan who was drinking too many tall boys and quietly freaking the fuck out (quietly, you know, as not to wake the children).

And then, when TD finally came on, and Chad Coleman and Greg Nicotero were being introduced as the featured guests, there it was, towards the bottom of the screen: the name, “Tyreese,” with two “e’s” in the middle, not one, as I had always written, had always thought I had seen when reading Tyreese’s name in social media, regular media, etc.

For the upteenth time that night, I was sitting on the edge of the couch, mouth slack, drunk, staring in disbelief at the tv screen, like:

That was it. I was done. Talking Dead was recording on DVR, so I, feeling like a total amateur, threw in the fake-blood soaked towel and went to bed, tossing and turning through a harrowing night of about 3 1/2 hours’ total sleep, filled with horrific zombie dreams, sour stomach, and parched throat (courtesy of way too many 420 tall boys and not enough water, or sense).

The next morning, jolted awake at 6:30 am by the phone alarm, and feeling like the complete opposite of a total champion, I somehow managed to pull it together and get the kids off to school. Then, I came back home to pound coffee and watch Talking Dead, along with my WD buddy, texting back and forth with her all the while.

Seeing Chad Coleman, happy, healthy, and laughing, and hearing Greg Nicotero talk about some of the finer points and details about the making, and storyline, of Episode 509 helped me feel a little better.

And, before I end this long-ass preamble and get to it, I know that I have been spelling Lizzie’s name wrong the whole time as well. While I caught that mistake back in Season 4, and tried to spell it the correct way, Lizzie, instead of Lizzy, I just couldn’t make the switch in my head.

Every time I tried to type out, “Lizzie,” it threw me off. So, I stuck with my dyslexia and my incorrect spelling, and Lizzie stayed Lizzy in my world.

I guess when you grow up listening to a lot of Thin Lizzy, it makes a deep impression in your psyche.

To honor Tyreese, and the other fallen members of our sweet gang, I will do my best to spell everyone’s name correctly in this post.

Thank you for your patience.


“What Happened and What’s Going On”

The opening images for Episode 509 show, first, a shovel being speared into the earth, again and again, suggesting a fresh grave being dug.

digging grave

Next, we see a framed drawing of a cozy house nestled in the woods,with an inviting front porch. The framed drawing is set on a dresser or desk of what looks like a child’s room…we will see images of this drawing, this house, again in the episode.  It is one of the key images used to show passage of time, and turn of events, as Episode 509 progresses:

picture 1 of house in woods

The next shot is from inside a moving car, the sun flickering through the trees as the car speeds past. We hear the sound of a woman crying softly, layered over the images of the sun, and the trees, and the car’s movement.

We then see a shot of Maggie sitting on the side of the road, shot from the perspective of inside a stopped car, doors open, crying. She is alone, crouched over a small fire, her knees drawn up to her chest protectively, sobbing.

maggie crying

A brief, flickering image of a white house, from the perspective through an open doorway. We can see a smear of blood on the door frame, and we then see a close up of Noah, crying, a bleeding scratch on his forehead:

noah crying, bleeding scratch on forehead

We hear Gabriel’s voice, eulogizing, as the shot pans over what is obviously a funeral service, and burial, in a field.  We see the figures of Gabriel, and Rick, and others from some distance back, through the fan of a weeping willow’s branches. It is hard to make out individual figures, and it is easy to assume that this service is for Beth, who was killed in the Season 5 midseason finale, “Coda.”

gabriel service

Gabriel’s voice intones, “We look not at what can be seen, but we look at what cannot be seen, for what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal…”

We see images of the gang, running with guns towards parked cars, peering inside them, clearing them before yanking the doors open, as the haunting and beautiful strings of the Bear McCreary music weave in and out with Gabriel’s voice, as he continues his eulogy:

“…for we know if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal, in the heavens.”

As the strings of the music, and Gabriel’s voice, intertwine, we see flashes of three photographs of identical twin boys, Noah’s little brothers (aka the Lil Bros <3):

lil bro snap 1 lil bro snap 2

These snapshots of the sweet Lil Bros are the second of a series of significant, recurring images we will see again in Episode 509.

These snapshots of the sweet Lil Bros are the second of a series of significant, recurring images we will see again in Episode 509.

Next, a lone image of the prison watchtower, with fences still intact…and then we see Noah and Rick, sitting in the back of a parked van with its back doors opened to a campfire.

Noah is talking about Beth, telling Rick, “She was gonna to come with me.”

Rick looks at the fire, then down, then at Noah, asks, “How far?”

Noah replies, “Outside of Richmond…Virginia.” Rick, processing this, looks straight ahead towards the fire, gives a shake of his head as he calculates the distance, and the risk, of such an endeavor.

We hear a baby’s wail, then see the image of a bullet hole in a wall, then a shot of what looks like a street in Woodbury, still intact, with a solar panel, and a garden box filled with growing cabbages, a shovel propped against it.

Woodbury was a sweet setup, especially in retrospect...didn't really think that one through, did you, Gov?

Woodbury was a sweet setup, especially in retrospect…didn’t really think that one through, did you, Gov?

We hear Rick’s voice, first, then see him standing beside the white van, surrounded by Glenn, Noah, Eugene. “It was secure,” Rick is telling the group, “It has a wall, homes, twenty people. Beth wanted to go with him…she wanted to get him there.

Rick continues, pitching this, “It’s a long trip, but if it works out, it’s the last long trip we’ll have to make.” As Rick talks, Glenn is looking down, not looking convinced.

“What if it isn’t around anymore?” Glenn asks dully. “Then we keep going,” Rick replies. Michonne adds, “Then, we find a new place.

Next, we see our first glimpse of another key, recurring image of Episode 509, the skeleton, long dead, half buried in the ground:

skeleton in ground 1

This image is followed by another recurring image, a painting in yellow of a happy sun on concrete, as one might see on a playground.

This image hearkens back to happier days, of children playing on playgrounds, running,

This image hearkens back to happier days, of children playing on playgrounds, running, laughing…living. We also see, however, what looks like blood stains on the concrete, clouding the rays of the painted sun.

The scene shifts, and we see the white van, driving past mile marker 221 in South Carolina, suggesting that the gang is indeed heading to Richmond area, to Noah’s home.

We see a shot of Baby Judith, lying in a makeshift crib, self-soothing, chewing on her finger…

Sigh...worried, so worried for Baby Judith, for all of our sweet gang.

Sigh... Worried, so worried for Baby Judith, for all of our sweet gang.

…we then see another image we will see again in Episode 509, of a walker woman trapped in a crashed station wagon, which appears to have slammed t-bone style into a red pickup truck.  The walker paws at the driver’s side window, and we see the driver’s side door is riddled with bullet holes.

walker in car

We see another image of someone digging a grave…he is wearing black jeans, and boots, like Rick’s.

And, then:

We see this image of a little girl sitting, wearing a blood-soaked shirt, with another girl sitting beside her... we cannot see their faces, at first, but then we recognize the girls....

We see this image of a little girl sitting, wearing a blood-soaked shirt, with another girl sitting beside her. We cannot see their faces, at first, but it just takes us a second to realize who they are….

The camera pans up to the girls' faces, and we see Mika, and Lizzie, looking down at Mika's bloodied shirt, with bemused smiles, before looking up at the camera.  Both girls have blood on their faces from their head wounds. They are smiling, serene. Looking into the camera, smiling,  Mika says,

The camera pans up to the girls’ faces, and we see Mika, and Lizzie. Mika is looking down at her bloodied shirt, with a bemused smile, while Lizzie looks at her sister’s face, waiting. smiling. Both girls have dribbles and specks of blood on their faces from their head wounds. Mika looks up to her sister’s face, and they share a smile in silent accord, and then both girls look into the camera, peaceful, smiling.  Mika says, “It’s better now.”

The final image of the opening montage, before the iconic Bear McCreary title sequence begins, is of the framed drawing of the cozy house, which appears to have been knocked to the floor.  We see spots of blood on the floor around where the picture lay, and then, drops of dark blood begin to fall, and pool, onto the image of the house, obscuring it, covering it…

picture 2 of house blood

After the opening title sequence/commercials, we see a shot of an open road, flanked by trees, like a state road, rather than a major highway.  It would make sense to take these lesser used roads on this journey, as the highways are sure to be choked with backed up cars of once terrified people trying to escape the hell that was happening all around them… cars would have run dry of gas, or been abandoned long ago, and many would contain the long-deceased remains of decaying corpses…and certainly, trapped within the cars, or roaming in “herds” along the highway, would be walkers. Many, many walkers.

(Remember back in Season 2, that burly scene when the gang is on the highway, and must hide from their first-ever walker horde, and Andrea, later, refers to it as a “herd?” And when the second walker herd passes, Sophia spooks, and bolts out from under the car, and Rick goes after her, only to lose her when he must deal with two tenacious walkers? So much has happened since then…that season feels like forever ago!)

driving opener

This is def the more scenic route.

dayvan cowboys

The Dayvan Cowboys, with Tyreese at the wheel.

Rick asks Noah how far out, at this point. Noah checks the odometer, looks back towards Rick, guesses, “Five miles.”

Rick radios Carol, lets her know that they are halfway there. He is checking the radio’s range, and checking in with Carol’s group, who are travelling some ways behind Rick’s group.  Carol reports that “everyone’s holding tight”, and that they just reached the 500 mile point.  

“Maybe this can be the easy part, “ says Carol.

“God, I think we’re due,” Rick replies. He then tells Carol to give them 20 minutes to check in.

New Carol, solid as ever, replies, “If we don’t hear from you, we’ll come looking.”

“Copy that,” Rick replies, signing off.  Noah turns to Tyreese, tells Tyreese that he, Noah, has been wanting to tell him something.

“What’s that?” Tyreese asks, looking ahead, not at Noah.

noah says trade right play

Looking over at Tyreese, Noah tells him that “the trade…it was the right play.” Tyreese does not reply.  Noah continues, “It worked…it did work, just…something else happened, after.”

Tyreese keeps his gaze focused forward, grips the steering wheel.  “It went the way it had to…the way it was always going to.” After a moment’s silence, Noah muses, “Never wanted to kill anybody before.”

Tyreese finally turns to look at the young man beside him. “I’ve wanted that,” he tells Noah. “But, it made it so I didn’t see anything except what I wanted…I wasn’t facing it.”

During this exchange, Glenn, sitting in the very back of the van, is looking at his reflection in a cd, turning it this way and that, warping the reflection of his face.  He has been very quiet.

During this exchange, Glenn, sitting in the very back of the van, is looking at his reflection in a CD, turning it this way and that, warping the reflection of his face. He has been very quiet.

Noah looks at Tyreese. “Facing what?” he asks.

Tyreese answers, “What happened…what’s going on. 

Tyreese continues, telling Noah, as the others listen, that his father used to tell him, and Sasha, that it was their duty as “citizens of the world” to keep up with the news. Even as a little boy, when Tyreese rode in his father’s car, he would hear reports of atrocities worldwide that his young mind couldn’t “wrap my head around.”

But, no matter how disturbing the new story, Tyreese and Sasha’s father would not change the channel, forcing himself, and whomever was riding in the car with him, to face it. Keeping your eyes open.

Tyreese adds that his father used to call that, “Paying the high cost of living.”

Noah tells Tyreese that he lost his dad in Atlanta, then wryly adds that he thinks his dad “would have liked yours.”  Tyreese nods, with a little smile, and Noah nods too, adding that he still has a mom, and two younger twin brothers…as he says this, Noah’s mouth, and voice, is tight with his anxiety and worry.

Noah takes a deep breath, and turns to look out the side window. He adds, “I hope.”

Tyreese, looking back at the road, tells Noah, gently, “I hope so too.”

Noah looks at the odometer again, back at Rick. “Two miles,” he says.

Looking like a beautiful sage, Rick tells Tyreese to pull over in the woods, that they will take the rest of the way on foot, stealth-style.

Looking like a beautiful sage, Rick tells Tyreese to pull over in the woods, that they will take the rest of the way on foot, stealth-style. Noah protests, “We don’t need to.” Rick replies, “Just in case.”

glenn presses cd 2

Meanwhile, in the back seat, Glenn begins to grip the CD more tightly…

glenn presses cd 3

..pressing it…

glenn snaps cd

…until it snaps into pieces.

Tyreese parks the van in the woods, right next to a red pickup truck which has been t-boned by a station wagon. The station wagon’s driver’s side door is riddled with bullet holes, and trapped inside is the woman walker we saw our first glimpse of in the opening sequence. The walker hisses and paws at the driver’s side window.

As the gang steps out of the van and looks around, Rick remarks that it is a good spot, that the van will look from a distance like it was part of the accident.  Rick then turns and regards Lemme Outta Here Walker, watches her a moment, his eyes narrowing in contempt, disgust…

walker in car 2

rick smash moment

I got a little secret thrill seeing this momentary glimpse of Rick Smash!  I have such a crush on him.  Andrew Lincoln can convey so much with just the barest shift in his eyes. If only there were time to smash…next time, Rick Smash! Noah beckons, “This way,” and after a moment, Rick Smash! turns and follows the others.

As they walk away, Tyreese is the last to follow, turning to look at Lemme Outta Here Walker once more before continuing on after the others. As they walk through the woods, the gang passes the long-dead skeleton in the ground.  This is the second time we have seen this key image of Episode 509:

tyrese sees ground skeleton 2

Tyreese is the only one who looks at the skeleton as they pass.

gang approaches barb wire fencing

As the gang approaches a barbed wire barricade strung across the treeline, Michonne asks Noah if his people did this. Noah replies that they, “Wanted tomust have.”.

gang goes through barb wire

Then, one by one, the gang, led by Michonne, then Rick, step nimbly through the openings, holding the wire down and away. A cry from behind catches Rick’s attention…

noah gets cut by barb wire

Noah has cut himself on the barbed wire when trying to step through. Rick asks him if he’s ok, and Noah seems shaken, but assures them he’s fine, and begins to walk more quickly through the woods, towards the homes. Rick pauses a moment, looking around, before following the others.

rick reaches out to slow noah

Rick catches up to Noah, reaches out and pulls Noah back, asks him if they had spotters, or snipers, on watch at the community. Noah tells Rick that they had built a platform on a truck, and parked it in the front. If there was a spotter there, certainly he or she would have seen figures coming through the wire, approaching…

shirewilt sign, no spotter

… the entrance of Shirewilt Estates. But there is no movement, no signs of life. No spotter.

Glenn turns to the group, says,

Glenn turns to the group, says simply, “Not today.” It is the first time he has spoken this episode. Noah seems to be grasping the import of this, the fear and dread beginning to show in his face as he searches Rick’s face for Rick’s reaction, for answers.

Limping quickly, Noah leads the gang uphill to a road that leads up to the gates of the walled community.  They pass the torn up remains of what looks like a dog, with flies buzzing around it. Noah hurries along, refusing to look down at the carnage, but Tyreese once again does not turn away, and looks down at the buzzing remains a moment.  Just beyond the dog, a simple wooden grandfather-style clock is lying in the middle of the road, and once again, Tyreese is the one member of the gang to pause a moment, taking in this bizarre and symbolic image.

tyreese passes clock

Both Andrew Lincoln and Greg Nicotero made refrences to director Terrence Malick’s style of layering stunning visual effects and evocative symbolic imagery into his films, when discussing the intention and inspiration behind the making of Episode 509. The grandfather clock, lying askew in the road, seems to suggest both the ruin of Noah’s community and the fact that Tyreese’s time is running out.

noah bangs, listens at gate

Noah runs to the locked gate, bangs it loudly, listens. There is no response from the other side.

noah searches glenn's face

Glenn scales up and peers over the stone wall, as Noah anxiously watches Glenn’s reaction to what he sees on the other side.

glenn looks at noah

Glenn peers over the fence, then turns to Noah. His face says it all. Glenn looks away from Noah, shaking his head slightly, sadly.

Noah, stricken, sobs and scrambles up the fence and jumps down to the other side. Rick and the others follow.  Noah limps quickly ahead, the shock, horror, and anguish on his face growing as he looks around frantically, taking in one awful sight after another:

burned out house

The burnt out remains of a neighbor’s home…

shirewilt carnage 1

…dead bodies littering the street, as a lone walker shuffles along…

noah collapses in grief

Noah collapses to the ground in grief and despair.

wolves not far sign

As the others pace around, looking out for danger and keeping close to Noah, we see a sign painted on the fence behind Michonne, which reads, “Wolves Not Far.”  More ominous foreboding in Episode 509

tyreese watches noah sob

Tyreese tries to offer comfort to Noah, telling him, “You’ll be with us, now,” but of course, Noah is inconsolable in this moment. Tyreese, pained, watches Noah sob, at a loss for how to help the poor young man who has lost so much.

rick approaches noah

Rick approaches Noah, kneels down. “I’m sorry, Noah,” he says, “I truly am.” After a moment, Rick suggests that they take a quick sweep for supplies, then head back.

michonne's face at rick's suggestion

Michonne turns at this, angry. “Then what? she snaps. She then turns away, and stalks off, ostensibly to take care of the walkers, as “they’ve seen us.” The constant horror, heartbreak, and disappointment…the constant loss…they are all struggling to assimilate this new crushing blow.

rick your gf is pissed

Rick, your future gf is in a pretty bad way right now…gonna have to figure out a way to attend to that, later, my good man. (Hint: She masks her pain and hurt in anger, dude. You’re welcome.)  Ps. Happy Valentine’s Day, Rick Grimes

rick radios carol, it's gone

As Michonne goes to mess up some walkers, Rick radios Carol. “We’re here,” Rick tells her. “It’s gone.” Rick clicks the radio off and shakes his head, struggling too.

Glenn, Michonne and Rick go to take a quick sweep, while Tyreese offers to stay back with Noah.

michonne smashes glass

As Rick, Glenn, and Michonne approach one house, Michonne smashes her boot down on a framed boy’s little league jersey…

good for you, buddy

Rick reaches out and touches Michonne’s arm gently, with two fingers, briefly, respectfully. (Excellently done, Rick Grimes! You still got it, bud…never a doubt in my mind! :))

Michonne looks sideways at him, then bends down and yanks the shirt out of the broken glass. “Clean shirt,” she says, turning to walk away.  “We’ll figure it out,” Rick says to her.  Michonne’s voice is tightly controlled as she echoes, “We will,” and then goes to the garage to collect some garbage bags.

Rick approaches Glenn.  “You didn’t think it (the Shirewilt community) would still be here?” he asks Glenn.

Glenn looks back at Rick. “Did you?” he asks, incredulously.

Rick tells Glenn that he saw, right after Beth was killed, the shock on Dawn Lerner’s face right after she shot Beth…she didn’t mean to do it, and Rick saw that, but he still wanted to kill Dawn. Right or wrong, meant to or not, Rick wanted to kill her.

Rick continues, tells Glenn that he didn’t know if Noah’s community would still be here, but Beth wanted to get Noah here. Beth wanted to get Noah back home.

this was for beth

Rick tells Glenn, “This (bringing Noah back home) was for her.” Rick pauses, looks away, adding, “And it could have been for us, too.”

street close up carnage

But, alas, that hopeful scenario is not meant to be. Not here, anyway.

poor noah

Meanwhile, poor Noah is trying to process this loss.

tyreese counsels noah

From behind Noah, Tyreese begins to talk about how he wanted to die after all the things, the people, he lost…he was blinded by his anger, and grief, putting himself in front of a whole group of “those things,” ready to mete out his anger on them, until they took him.

He kept going, despite his pain and grief, and then, he ended up being there for Judith when she needed him.

tyreese says he was there to save Judith

Tyreese tells Noah, “I saved her, and I was able to bring her back to her dad. And that wouldn’t have happened if I had just given up.” As I rewatch this scene, it really feels to me that Tyreese considers his being there to protect, and save, Judith, and reunite her with Rick and Carl, was his reason, his highest purpose, in surviving up to this point in the apocalypse. He has done what he needed to do, and I think that plays a big part in Tyreese’s acceptance in the end, when he decides to let go.

noah, this isn't the end

Tyreese reaches down, tells Noah, “This isn’t the end.” Noah seems to register this, starts to stand, to Tyreese’s gentle encouragement.

noah bolts, tyreese follows

Then, Noah starts to limp quickly, then run, towards his home, with Tyreese running after him, calling for him.

glenn talks about ragin face

Meanwhile, back at the driveway, Glenn begins talking. He’s been thinking of the guy in the storage car, back at Terminus, who he insisted on stopping for, and saving (good ol Ragin’ Face Tat Tweaker, who is most likely Ragin’ Face Tat Walker, now). Glenn says that after the loss of Washington, and Beth, nowadays, he wouldn’t have stopped to save that man. Glenn adds, “And I sure as hell would have shot that woman (Dawn Lerner), right or wrong.”

This image, of Glenn holding this baseball bat, is considered a potential

This image, of Glenn holding this baseball bat, is considered a potential “Easter Egg” by The Comic Book Set, a possible foreboding that events may mirror the comic series storyline in the future.

michonne says we need to stop

Michonne steps forward at this, says, “We need to stop.” At Rick and Glenn’s questioning looks, and silences, Michonne says, “You can be out here too long.”  Wise words from a woman who knows.

tyreese and noah at noah's house 1

Tyreese and Noah face each other in front of Noah’s house. Tyreese tries to tell Noah that he, Noah, doesn’t want to go in there. Noah insists, “Let me see it.” After a moment’s hesitation, Tyreese draws out his knife, tells Noah, “Me first.”

noah's dead mom

After knocking at the front, Tyreese, then Noah, walk through the doorway, as the front door is open. They push through the screen door. and as they enter the living room, the awful sight of Noah’s mom, head bashed in, lying dead on the floor.

noah bends over his dead mom

As Noah bends over his mother’s body, Tyreese hears a noise from the back of the house. As Noah covers his mom’s body with a large cloth, Tyreese makes his way slowly, quietly down the hallway to investigate, to “clear” the house.

noah's lil bro walker under door

Tyreese hears, then sees, the heartbreaking sight of what is surely one of Noah’s little brothers, now a walker, trapped in a room, hissing and pawing at the door. We see only one set of foot shadows under the door…and Noah’s brothers were twins.

Tyreese makes his way into another room, a child’s room, and sees a dead body lying still on a twin bed.  Tyreese’s face registers his pain at seeing this, and then his attention is caught by four photographs taped to the wall. The first three pictures are the snapshots we saw of Noah’s little brothers in the opening sequence of Episode 509, and the last photograph is of Noah and his little brothers together, at a movie theater, it appears.

lil bro snap 1lil bro snap 2

These snapshots of the sweet Lil Bros are the second of a series of significant, recurring images we will see again in Episode 509.

noah and his lil bros

shadowy figure behind tyreese

As Tyreese stares at the pictures, we see a shadowy figure begin to move behind him. Tyreese, transfixed by the images of Noah and his sweet Lil Bros, does not notice this.

lil bros tyreese looks

Tyreese cannot tear his gaze away from this picture of Noah’s Lil Bros, with their mirth and mischief, sweetness, youth, and innocence shining from their bright, happy faces in this sweet picture.

lil bro close up 1

lil bro close up 2

tyreese looks at pictures

Tyreese hears, too late, the hissing noise behind him, and he whirls around to see Lil Bro Walker, who has come right up behind him.

lil bro walker 1

lil bro walker bites tyreese

Before Tyreese can react, Lil Bro Walker lunges forward and savagely bites into Tyreese’s arm.

Tyreese screams in pain, and shoves Lil Bro Walker back, hard, with his foot.  The child walker flies backwards, taking a bloody chunk of poor Tyreese’s arm with it, in its teeth. Tyreese, in shock and pain, faces the child walker, who bares its teeth and hisses savagely at Tyreese, about to attack again.

lil bro walker rears back

I am grateful that Kirkman, Gimple, Nicotero and the rest of Kirkman’s Army go easy on us with not showing tons of child walkers on WD, because, one, they are really heartbreaking, and, two, Lil Bro Walker is truly terrifying. Kudos to the child actor who plays Lil Bro Walker, and kudos to Nicotero’s Army for an incredible job with makeup and effects, especially in this shot.

As Lil Bro Walker is about to lunge for Tyreese again, Noah runs forward and plunges a knife into his reanimated little brother’s skull, rekilling the child walker.

noah rekills lil bro walker

noah tells tyreese to stay put, hell get them

As Tyreese, in shock, clamps his hand over his torn, bleeding wound, Noah is freaking, but assures Tyreese that he’s ok, to stay put, that Noah will go get the others.

radio 1

And, as Noah runs out of the room, leaving Tyreese alone, we see the large radio, another recurring image from the opening sequence. The radio looks like an old, retro style model from long ago.  This harrowing, heartbreaking scene ends with Tyreese quietly crying, sitting on the floor, holding his bitten arm.

After rewatching the Tyreese/Lil Bro Walker bite scene, I texted my WD buddy: I am Joe’s complete and total devastation.

picture framed house and radio 1

After the commercial break, we are taken back to the room where Tyreese has been bitten…the framed picture has fallen to the floor. (I, watching this episode twice now, know that the house pictured here is not a rendering of Noah’s house…his house looks nothing like it…does anyone know whose house this is?) We then hear the static of a broadband radio being dialed to a news station.

We hear a newscaster’s voice, in melodious British accent (Andrew Lincoln’s voice, with his natural accent, was used as the voice of the newscaster) on the radio:

“At least 68 citizens of the republic have been killed in four deadly attacks along the main coastal district. The group has continued their campaign of random violence, moving across the countryside unfettered, the republic’s military forces in disarray…”

(While some have speculated that this newscast was from the first days of the walker apocalypse, I read that it was actually a reference to the Rwandan genocide campaign from a couple of decades ago…this would certainly mirror the timeline of Tyreese having a flashback moment, in this moment, in his feverish, near-death delirium, of a NPR or BBC newscast he may have heard back as a child, riding in his father’s car, all those years ago.)

tyreese's bitten arm close

Tyreese’s bite wound is super gnarly...when he draws his hand away and looks at it, you can see the chunk that Lil Bro Walker took out of Tyreese’s arm. Poor Tyreese is bleeding out, hard…

tyreese sweating, looking at his wound

Poor Tyreese is sweating, certainly in shock and probably in the first throes of the fever that will eventually kill him, unless an extreme measure, like amputating the bitten appendage in time, is taken. Wrenching, truly awful to imagine, but total amazement at the raw beauty and artistry of this episode. (Standing ovations all around for the WD cast and crew, but especially to: Greg Nicotero, directorial prodigy (Deadie for Best Director); Scott M. Gimple, writing genius (Deadie for Best Screenplay); Chad Coleman, who delivered an outstanding, fearless, heartful performance as Tyreese (Deadie for Best Leading Actor); Jesse Tyler Williams, the young gun on the rise,: Andrew Lincoln (always), Danai GuriraSteven Yeun, and of course all the returning WD alums: David Morrissey, Lawrence Gilliard, Jr., Emily Kinney, Chris Coy, Brighton Sharbino, and Kyla Kenedy.  And, definitely that kid that played Lil Bro Walker.)  Bravo, all.

ghost of shitty martin 1

Then, a familiar voice, as the camera pans across the floor and up to reveal The Ghost of Shitty Martin. Martin’s neck is slashed from Sasha’s knife, and his clothes are soaked with his blood. He is sitting on the floor, against the wall, with hands and feet bound, the way he was at the cabin when Carol and Tyreese captured him.  “I tried to tell ya,” sighs Martin, with a little shrug. “I tried to tell ya, man. It was gonna be you.” Martin is chewing gum, regarding Tyreese with a little smile, which widens as Martin enjoys a private joke. Martin then points his bound hands at Tyreese, says, with laughter in his voice, “You’re the kind of guy that saves babies.

Tyreese regards The Ghost of Shitty Martin with no small amount of horror at what, and who, he is seeing, and hearing.

Tyreese regards The Ghost of Shitty Martin with no small amount of horror, but listens to Martin’s words, cruel and mocking as they are. Martin’s words contain a message, as he voices questions and uncertainties that Tyreese has been asking, and holding, within himself.  One of these key questions is: If Tyreese had killed Martin, like he said he did, back at that cabin, when Martin attacked Judith, would things have turned out differently, for the better?  Did he make the right decision, letting Martin live?

martin asks tyreese question about gareth

Martin’s Shitty Ghost leans his head back to touch the wall, asks Tyreese, “Do you think Gareth would have been able to follow you guys if you had just put a bullet in my brain, or cut me up like your sister did?” When Tyreese reacts, starting to rise up to Martin, Martin, laughing, motions him back down, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t get up.”

Martin continues, “If I hadn’t told Gareth you were there, maybe he wouldn’t have gone after you, or maybe they wouldn’t be dead. Maybe Bob wouldn’t be dead.  Maybe him being alive, maybe something about that would have changed things with Beth…domino shit.”

Martin looks away, gives a little shrug.

Martin looks away, gives a little shrug. “Maybe not,” he says, musing. Masterful performance from Chris Coy in this episode. I am busting a power move right here, right now, and awarding our man a Deadie for Best Supporting Actor in Episode 509.

Martin’s Ghost continues his mindfuck on Tyreese, musing, “Maybe you wouldn’t be bit right now.” Tyreese leans forward, feverish and sweating, and then we hear a familiar, beloved voice interrupt Martin’s mental manipulations with, “Man, that’s bullshit.

Tyreese looks up to see:


Bob! 🙂

Bob faces right to the camera, telling Tyreese, straight up, “I got bit at the food bank. It went the way it had it, the way it was always going to. Just like this.

tyreese is haunted

Just then, we hear the crackle of the radio, and the newscaster is reporting about the militants “terrorizing the villages at night, carrying out revenge attacks involving hacking up innocents with machetes, and in some cases, setting them on fire.”

Super burly stuff for a young child to hear, the reality, brutality, and horrors of the world.

Martin's voice overlaps the end of the horrific news report.

Martin’s voice overlaps the end of the horrific news report. “If you just did it, if you didn’t lie like a bitch, maybe it would have changed things. Maybe the bill would have been paid.”

And then, we hear another familiar voice, with a telltale huskiness and accent. “The bill has to be paid,” the voice asserts.

Tyreese looks up and is shocked to see…

The Motherfucking Gov is IN THE HOUSE

The. Gov. Is. In. The. House.  And, he’s thinking it’s time to GET PAID. 

Tyreese is all like,

Tyreese is all like, “Gulp.”

“You told me you’d do whatever it took to earn your keep. That’s what you said. Hmmm? Remember that?

The crackle of the radio, and we see the moving shadows, under the door, and hear the hiss and slaver of Lil Bro Walker #2, still trapped in the room across the hall.

Then, we hear a young girl’s voice speak, with quiet confidence and conviction, “It’s better now, Tyreese.”

And we, and Tyreese, see:

Mika and Lizzie

Mika and Lizzie

“It is, Mika echoes her sister’s words. “It’s better now.”

“It’s not better now, “ the Gov interrupts, loudly, striding towards Tyreese. “You know goddamn well that…” And as the Gov’s face comes closer and closer to Tyreese’s, it becomes:

Second Act Walker, on full attack...poor Tyreese! Can't the man have his existential, near death moment in peace?

Second Act Walker, on full attack. Poor Tyreese! Can’t the man have his existential, near death moment in peace?

Apparently not, and Second Act Walker brings it with everything its got.  It is one of the most terrifying walker attack scenes yet in TWD, as we see close-up, and hear so clearly, the snapping, relentless, deadliest weapon the walkers have: their teeth.

second act walker snapping at tyreese

second act walker's teeth

With this scene, we get many shots like this one, that shows what it would be like to be attacked by a walker, as Second Act Walker lunges and snaps its teeth at Tyreese’s face. Tyreese fumbles for his ever-handy hammer, but his bitten arm is too weak, and he drops it. Second Act Walker keeps coming and coming…

So, Tyreese goes with the only option left to him, and offers Second Act Walker his bitten arm. Second Act Walker sinks its teeth into Tyreese’s arm, making Tyreese howl in pain. With Second Act Walker still clamped onto his arm, Tyreese finds a geode and bashes Second Act Walker in the skull, finally rekilling it.

Tyreese is in agony now, struggling to get himself under a desk for some degree of cover.  He looks up at Second Act Walker, dead, body slumped over a desk chair.  The walker's blood is dripping...

Tyreese is in agony now, struggling to get himself under a desk for some degree of cover. He looks up at Second Act Walker, dead, body slumped over a desk chair. The walker’s blood is dripping…

picture framed house and final blood

…onto the framed picture of the little house, symbolizing the death of the days of home, hearth, comfort, and safety. A thought…could this house be a representation of the house from “The Grove?” It really looks like it.

Meanwhile, Michonne has an idea: Why don’t they use the garage doors to barricade the opening in the wall, park cars to reinforce, until they brick the wall back up?

Rick and Glenn turn to look at the wall, considering Michonne's idea, but it's looking pretty obvious to me that some living foe rammed the stone wall down...aren't those tire tracks, still on the ground, from where the vehicle plowed through?

Rick and Glenn turn to look at the wall, considering Michonne’s idea, but it’s looking pretty obvious to me that some living foe rammed the stone wall down…aren’t those tire tracks, still on the ground, from where the vehicle plowed through?

Rick adds that this development is surrounded by forest, and there’s no clear line of sight.  Whoever, or whatever, would be coming would be on their community before they, the gang, even knew the enemy was there.  Michonne is having a hard time letting go of the Shirewilt setup as their future home, and she suggests they cut down the trees around them, use the wood to build up the walls.

As Rick and Glenn exchange questioning looks, Michonne urges, “Come on…look!” They follow her out, through the opening in the wall, and see…

Carnage like we haven't seen yet on TWD...lower torsos, legs intact, which look like they've been sawn clean through...arms, legs scattered throughout.  What, and who, did this? Seems like they'd have to have a large circular blade, like a tree-cutting truck would have. Shirewilt is not the place to stay...but, where can they go?

Carnage like we haven’t seen yet on TWDlower torsos, legs intact, which look like they’ve been sawn clean through…arms, legs scattered throughout. What, and who, did this? Seems like they’d have to have a large circular blade, like a tree-cutting operation would have. Shirewilt is clearly not the place to stay…but, where can they go?

Just as Glenn is hitting rock bottom, telling Rick that, basically, nothing matters, Michonne says one word:

Just as Glenn is hitting rock bottom, telling Rick that, basically, nothing matters, Michonne says one word: “Washington.” Michonne continues, saying that while Eugene lied about the cure, he thought of Washington, D.C. for a reason. “It’s only 100 miles away…there could be people there.

Michonne gestures to the devastation around them.  “This is what ‘making it’ looks like.”

Michonne looks at Rick, and asks,

Michonne looks at Rick, and asks, “Don’t you want one more day with a chance?” And with those words, Michonne voices the one reason to keep going, to keep on, at this point: While placing hopes and dreams on a specific place, or plan, can fall through, living their lives and trying to get one more day with a chance, for themselves and their chosen family, is a real, positive reason to keep going in these dark times.

Stepping up like a good future boyfriend, and a hot future boyfriend, Rick, looking at Michonne's face, agrees that they should go to Washington.

Stepping up like a good future boyfriend, and a hot future boyfriend, Rick, looking at Michonne’s face, agrees that they should go to Washington. “It’s only 100 miles away,” he says, echoing Michonne’s words. Put another boyfriend point up on the board for Rick Grimes, ladies and gentlemen!

The sound of cries interrupt Richonne’s sweet moment, and they work together to kill the walkers that have descended upon Noah, who is holding them off with a length of garden fencing.  Noah tells the others that Tyreese has been bitten, and they rush after him towards the house.

radio 3

Once again, a shot of the radio, and once again, we hear the crackle and static of the dial turning, finding a station…and this time, we find music. Beth, singing with her beautiful voice, playing guitar, a haunting song about a “struggling man.” And Tyreese, so hurt, so ill, in such pain, most certainly is struggling now.

beth, mika and lizzie

Beth finishes her song, and looks at Tyreese, along with Lizzie and Mika. “It’s all right, Tyreese,” Beth tells him. “You have to know that now.”

Bob tells Tyreese that it's ok that he didn't want to be a part of it any longer.

Bob tells Tyreese that it’s ok that he didn’t want to be a part of it any longer.

Beth’s voice adds, “You don’t have to be a part of it.” Then we hear laughter, and the shot pans over, once again, to The Ghost of Shitty Martin.

“That’s your problem, right there,” says Martin. “What’s my problem?” asks Tyreese. “You didn’t want to be a part of it, but being part of it is being, now,” Martin replies.  “It’s what it is. Open your eyes.”

Lizzie, I think, chimes in, tells Tyreese that he doesn’t have to be a part of it. “You don’t,” says Mika. We see a pair of boots stride over, and the Gov crouches down to get more on Tyreese’s level.

“You said you’d earn your keep,” says the Gov. “You had no idea what you were even talking about, did you? Did you?? Your eyes were open, but you didn’t wanna see, even though I made you see it… I showed you. But, did you adapt? Did you change? No! You would sit in front of a woman who killed someone you love, and you would forgive her!

Bob chimes in, says, “That is all there is.” The Gov says, This is all there is. This is it.” Tyreese struggles mightily to stand, pulling himself up using the desk, standing on shaky feet.  Tyreese faces the Gov.

“I didn’t know who I was talking to,” Tyreese says.”I told you I’d earn my keep, but I didn’t know you. I know who I am. I know what happened, and what’s going on. You didn’t show me shit.”

Tyreese points his bloody arm, finger, at the Gov.

Tyreese points his bloody arm, finger, at the Gov. “You dead,” Tyreese tells him. “Everything you were, is dead. It’s not over. That’s why I forgave her. It’s not over. I didn’t turn away. I kept listening to the news, so I could do what I could to help! I’m not giving up, you hear me? I’m not giving up. Ain’t nobody’s gotta die today.”

In response, the Gov goes all art film, saying,

In response, the Gov goes all art film and shit, saying, “You have to PAY THE BILL,” and shoves Tyreese back, against the wall. Tyreese, too weak now, slumps to the floor.

Tyreese, fading out, sees Mika and Lizzie sitting in front of him.

Tyreese, fading out, sees Mika and Lizzie sitting in front of him.

Lizzie and Mika gently reach out and take Tyreese's arm, looking at the blood with quiet concern, but not fear. The look up at him, and gently begin to pull at the arm...

Lizzie and Mika gently reach out and take Tyreese’s arm, looking at the blood with quiet concern, but not fear. The look up at him, and gently begin to pull at the arm…

...and the scene shifts quickly to Rick, Glenn, and Michonne, holding Tyreese while Michonne swiftly amputates poor Tyreese's bitten arm.

…and the scene shifts quickly to Rick, Glenn, and Michonne, holding Tyreese while Michonne swiftly amputates poor Tyreese’s bitten arm.

The following scenes depict the mayhem of getting out of Shirewilt and getting Tyreese to a safer place, to cauterize his wound and tend to him. It is not an easy task.

On a light note, Chad  Coleman said on Talking Dead that Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun dropped him at least a couple of times filming this scene.

On a light note, Chad Coleman said on Talking Dead that Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun dropped him at least a couple of times filming this scene.

gate crasher walkers

At the gates, the gang must break the chains and then face the crush of the Gate Crasher Walkers.

gate crasher walkers 2

As Noah stays with Tyreese, keeps talking to him to keep him awake, alive…

gate crasher walkers 3

…the gang manages to get through the barbed wire fencing, and to the car.

Tyreese is loaded into the car.

Tyreese is loaded into the car.

Rick gets stuck in mud and squeals wheels to get out of there, crashing into the red truck in the woods, which contains a large amount of snapping upper torsos with

Rick gets stuck in mud and squeals wheels to get out of there, crashing into the red truck in the woods, which contains a large amount of snapping upper torsos with “W’s” carved into their foreheads. Who is responsible for this mess? I imagine we will find out soon enough…

The gang speeds down the road, and Tyreese can hear another news report…cannibalism, fires, mutilation of children.  The list of horrors goes on and on, mirroring the events and hells that Tyreese and the others have faced.

“Turn it off,” says Tyreese.

Bob turns to look at Tyreese.

Bob turns to look at Tyreese. “You sure?” he asks.

“It’s ok, Tyreese,” says Beth, who is driving this car. She no longer has blood on her, and her head wounds, scars are gone. “You’ve gotta know that now.”

Mika and Lizzie are riding in the back with Tyreese. Their wounds, and blood, are gone now too.

“It’s not just ok,” says Lizzie. “It’s better,” agrees Mika.

So, Tyreese lets go.

So, Tyreese lets go.

bob smiling

RIP Tyreese <3

RIP Tyreese ❤

Enjoy the playlist, gang, the biggest yet in the history of barnfullawalkers: 10 songs of love, and loss, lament, and laughter for Tyreese, TWD’s Tower of Power

Tyreese was the biggest man, with the biggest heart, carrying the biggest love inside. RIP Tyreese.  Sorry I spelled your name wrong all those times before, but I was talking the whole time about how awesome you are 🙂 One Love, Tyreese


Somebody get that man an Ergo baby carrier!

Tower of Power Playlist:

Wax Tailor, “How I Feel”

Stevie Wonder, “I Wish”

Nas, “One Love” (One Love, for Tyreese, and for our sweet gang, living and departed:  “I even got a mask and gloves, to bust slug for one love” <3)

Moby, “One Of These Mornings” (feat. Patti LaBelle) (For Noah’s poor mom, and Lil Bros 😦  I am so sorry, Noah!)

Panda Bear, Boys Latin

Boards of Canada, “Dayvan Cowboy”

Mos Def, “Love”

TV On The Radio, “I Was a Lover” (U sure were, Tyreese <3)

Jeff Buckley, “Hallelujah” (RIP Tyreese…you’ve got some good souls escorting you, and waiting for you, on the other side. <3)

Florence and the Machine, “You’ve Got the Love” (to #TWDFamily, all around the world…you’ve got the love I need <3)

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