Fear The Walking Dead, Pilot Episode

(All images used in this post are screen caps from AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead, unless otherwise specified.)

Fear The Walking Dead, Pilot Episode

dillane asleep dillane awakes dillane awakes 2 dillane awakes 3 dillane sits up 1 dillane sits up 2


dillane heads down the stairs, peers 2


<a scream from downstairs>

blood on the pianodillane sees body 1dillane sees body 2dillane sees body 3dillane reacts 1dillane looks body again 1dave navarro 2

dave navarrodillane is freaked 1dillane freaked 3

dillane freaked 2

gloria 1

Gloria! Look, baby, we gotta go..!”

gloria 2gloria 3gloria 4gloria 5gloria 6

face eaten kidface eaten kid 2gloria v dillane 1gloria v dillane 2gloria v dillane 3gloria v dillane 4gloria v dillane 5gloria v dillane 6gloria v dillane 7dillane runs 1dillane runs 2dillane runs 3dillane runs 4dillane runs 5.5dillane runs 5dillane runs 6dillane runs 7dillane runs 8dillane runs 9dillane runs 10dillane runs 11dillane runs 12dillane hit 1dillane hit 2dillane hit 3dillane hit 4dillane hit 5


nick hospital 1

ftwd mom 1

angry daughter 1

ftwd couple in hospital 1ftwd couple in hospital 2

ftwd dad on phone ex wife 1 ex wife 2

angry son

nick hospital bad dream 2nick hospital untie me 3

nick hospital 4 nick hospital 5

nick hospital 5 newdad

Shh-e...she was eating them.”

mom and daughter car 1 mom and daughter car 2

tobias 1 tobias 2

tobias 4

“Nobody’s going to college….nobody’s doing anything they think they are.”

night church 1 night church dave navarro gone night church 3 blood, viscera...but no bodiestravis hand blood face 2

hospital day 2 1 hospital day 2 2

hospital day 2 3 hospital day 2 4

“Something really bad happened there.”

hospital day 2 6

kids at the stadium kids at the stadium 2 kids at the stadium 3 kids at stadium 4 kids at the stadium 5 black heart

old man flatlines 1 old man flatlines 2 nick out phones 1

nick out underpassclean boy cal 2 clean boy cal

alicia waiting alicia waiting 2 text

traffic jam 1 traffic jam 2

<megaphone> “Everybody get back in their vehicles!”

(sound of gunshots)

(sound of gunshots)

“C’mon, let’s get out of here.”

The next morning…

“Five? What, did you miss a few stops?”

nick and calvin 1 nick and calvin 2 nick and calvin 3 nick and calvin 4 nick and calvin 6

online leak 7 online leak 1 online leak 2 online leak 4 online leak 5online leak 6

online leak 8 online leak 9 online leak 10

online leak 3

online leak 11 online leak 12 online leak 13

online leak 14 online leak 15

“It’s not real…it can’t be.”

“Watch thishere’s the new real. Killshot, bitch.

online leak 18 zombie down

school's out 1

school's out 2 school's out 3 tobias

school's out 4

nick and calvin 7 nick and calvin 8nick and calvin 9 nick and calvin 10 nick and calvin 11 nick and calvin 12 nick and calvin 13 nick and calvin 14

nick and calvin 15 nick and calvin 16 nick and calvin 17 nick and calvin 18

nick end 1 nick end 2 nick end 3 nick end 4

“He was right here!”

nick end 6

nick end 7 nick end 8 nick end 9 nick end 10

nick end 11 nick end 12 nick end 13 nick end 14nick end 22

nick end 19

nick end 23.5 nick end 23

nick end 24 nick end 25 nick end 26

nick end 27 nick end 28

nick end 29 nick end 30 nick end 31 nick end 32nick end 33 nick end 34

nick end 35 nick end 36 nick end 37 nick end 38 nick end 39 nick end 40 cal moves nick end 41 nick end 42 nick end 43

“What the hell is happening?”

FTWD Cast:

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark 

Cliff Curtis as Travis Manawa

Alycia Debnam Carey as Alicia Clark

Frank Dillane as Nick Clark

Elizabeth Rodriguez as Liza Ortiz

Lorenzo James Henrie as Christopher Manawa


Thoughts and notes on Fear The Walking Dead, Episode 1:

  1. While rewatching this episode, I wondered about the technology featured in it, especially as the teachers/students watched the online leak of the reanimated traffic accident casualty on their computers and cell phones.  The iPhone that Alicia’s classmate was holding as they watched did look like an iPhone 4s, which had not come out yet as of 2010, when The Walking Dead television series debuted. Online speculation about this element of FTWD puts the time of the zombie/walker apocalypse’s inception at Fall/Winter 2012.  Cool time warping, compliments of Kirkman and Co., right?
  2. I loved many things about this pilot episode, but I must mention the artful pacing of it first and foremost…it was a 90-minute premiere episode, so after the first gripping sequence of Nick waking up in the squatter church and finding his reanimated junkie girlfriend, Gloria, feasting on a second victim, this episode slowed down just long enough to explore the complexities of the relationships between a mixed family, Madison and Travis, Travis’s ex, Liza, and their children, Nick, Alicia, and Chris. Despite the discord, confusion, and circumstances around the members of these combined families, we got to see the deep love and connection between Madison and Travis, and how their love and unconditional support of their children translated into us, the viewing audience, growing to care for all of these individuals as the episode played out, and rooting for them by the episode’s end, which left us viewers dangling by a deliciously bloody thread of viscera, and suspense.
  3. I was personally delighted by the strength of the writing and dialogue, as well as the acting by all the key actors of this series thus far, and was particularly blown away by Frank Dillane, who resembles the young Johnny Depp character of the What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? era, while managing to convey the dischordant, jerky movements and quirky walk of the Johnny Depp character, Captain Jack Sparrow, of the Pirates of the Carribean era. Deeply sensitive, intuitive physical acting style by one so young…the result being an already-iconic character, Nick Clark, who is sure to be a major game-changer as the series progresses.
  4. I am loving the walkers/zombies we have met so far, Gloria and Cal Walker. Hot, fresh, and ready 2 rumble. Me likey. ❤ ❤
  5. I am so stoked to create playlists centered around the poisoned paradise of L.A., and L.A. bands/music, as key themes, along with basic undead apocalyptic mayhem on the Western front.  Hollah!
  6. It’s young, it’s hip, and delightfully horrific.  I give FTWD a resounding A+.
  7. Bring it, FTWD!

Until next week, gang, and enjoy the playlist.


Best Coast, “California Nights”

Hozier, “To Be Alone” (live)

U2, “Gloria”

Missing Persons, “Walking In L.A.”

The Sugarcubes, “Motorcrash”

John Frusciante, “Away & Anywhere”

Misfits, “Last Caress”

Motorhead, “I Know How To Die”

Dr. Dre w. Snoop Dogg,  “The Next Episode”

2 thoughts on “Fear The Walking Dead, Pilot Episode

  1. This has to be one of the best shows to have debuted all summer! And dare I say it–it’s one of the most interesting shows since The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. I love AMC. They are amazing!

    • And Mad Men! Yes, I fully agree, Jack. Working on the post for FTWD Ep. 2, which def brought the scary. So frightening to see it begin to see it all come crumbling down, and so wrenching to see so many good folks fall victim to the voracious undead!

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