The Walking Dead, Season 6, Ep. 16, “Last Day On Earth”


“Last Day On Earth”

(All images used in this post are screencaps from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and “Talking Dead” unless otherwise specified.)

Hello, loves…it has been far too long.

I have missed you all, and TWD, very much.

This spring threw a lot of life my way, at great rate, and I have been “adulting” like a mother, both literally and figuratively, since the TWD Season 6 finale aired and rocked TWD fandom like a hurricane.

Some of the adulting was super fun, some of it sucked ass….but, hey, that’s how adulting goes.

Now, thank the gods, summer’s here, about half way through by now, and while some aspects of my world haven’t slowed down much, others have.

Finally, I find myself more able to create spaces of time to steal away for some focused hours at the laptop, so we can hash it all out about TWD’s harrowing, iconic Season 6 finale episode,  Ep 616, “Last Day on Earth.” 

And just in time, too, as the #SDCC2016 is less than a week away, as is the #TWDSDCC2016 panel, which, of course, will include the premiere showing of the official TWD Season 7 trailer. 😀

And, here is the supremely awesome first official TWD S7 poster, which we will be deconstructing a bit later in this post, as we discuss my personal guesses as to who may have gotten the bat…but, more on that, later! 


Ah, memories.

It’s been 3 months + since that scene, since those harrowing final 15 minutes of Episode 616 bludgeoned our collective skulls, and left us gaping, speechless as we watched Jeffrey Dean Negan gleefully bash an as-yet-unknown member of our sweet gang (from the first-person perspective, the poor victim’s point of view) to their violent, brutal, bloody death at the hands of a merciless foe, and his barbaric weapon-of-choice:  Lucille, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

It was as if we, the viewers, were on our knees, right in there amongst Rick and the others, bracing ourselves for the blows as Jeffrey Dean Negan brought Lucille down, hard, again, and again, and again,  until the camera lens ran red with fake blood, and the camera veered crazily, falling sideways as it were we who struggled to right ourselves after the first blow… to stay alive, even for one moment longer. 

And, when Jeffery Dean Negan bent forward,  delighted, and peered into the camera lens, to study his victim’s face, it was as if he were studying our faces as he doubled over, laughing, pointing, mocking:

“Oh, ho, ho, look at that!  Taking it like a champ!

And, we watched, in doomed horror and finality, as Jeffrey Dean Negan brought Lucille up one more time, with a flourish, over his victim’s head, over all of our heads,  and with all his might and fury, brought the spiked bat down, and that is the last thing we saw, before the screen went black, and only the wet, dead, horrible sounds of the final blows remained, each one ringing out in the blackness, each one causing us to flinch, to wince.

Thud. Thud.  Thud.

Finally, merciful silence.  

On the black screen, final credits began to roll.

Mic drop.  

We looked at the screen. We looked at each other. We looked back at the screen, at the credits silently rolling.


Kirkman?  Gimple?  Nicotero??

All at once, the entirety of TWD fandom exploded into a fury of social media posts, pics, bitching, fuming, theories, debates, expletives as to who lost that fatal round of Negan’s “Eeny, meeny, miney, mo.”      

The uproar was so great that Scott M. Gimple, in the first few moments of Talking Dead, turned directly to the camera and jokingly addressed the roughly 14.2 million viewers worldwide who were still recovering from the shocking cliffhanger ending:


“That was NOT you, the viewer…that was a character!

Robert Kirkman, who was also a guest on that night’s Talking Dead (squeezed adorably into the TD couch with fellow guests Scott M. Gimple, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Norman Reedus), was also apologetic…to a point. 

Kirkman’s sorry was more like,“Sorry, not sorry.”


While echoing Scott M. Gimple’s apologies to any TWD fans who were still disgruntled about the S6 cliffhanger ending, Robert Kirkman def seemed to be in especially high spirits, trading grim “fake-talk-show- coffee=mug-prop” barbs with Chris Hardwick over the subject of the future Baby Judith


…and one-upping Chris Hardwick’s joking speculation that Judith would grow up “to be a lot like Shane,” with the quick rejoinder that perhaps Baby Judith wouldn’t get a chance to grow up, at all (to the mock horror and merriment of all assembled, shown here). Robert Kirkman=1, Chris Hardwick=0 😀

While Robert Kirkman definitely acknowledged that they at TWD, Inc. knew that the jolting, cliffhanger ending of TWD’s Season 6 could upset some of their fan base, he hoped that the fans would realize that the events that the catalytic ending scene, and the long-anticipated arrival of Negan, would set off TWD Season 7  with a new energy and excitement that would drive the TWD television series storyline “for many seasons to come.”

(And, hey, that’s great news, right?)

On TD,  Kirkman reminded Chris Hardwick, along with fellow guests and viewers, that he created originally created, and introduced, the character of Negan for the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic book series.

As Kirkman explained, by the 100th issue of a comic series, even the most devout readers may be tempted to give the ghost on the series, and perhaps move onto something else, especially if the long-running series has been coasting on its laurels, and losing its creative impact over time.

So, Kirkman gave his TWD comic series fans a lovely party gift for the century issue of the TWD comic book series:   Negan, a charismatic, complex, catalytic villian who completely changed the game for the entire comic series, infusing the storyline with a new life and keeping it going for many issues to come.

And, in the same vein, Robert Kirkman, along with Scott M. Gimple, Greg Nicotero, and TWD, Inc. gave the world of TWD television series fandom a lovely party gift on the cusp of the show’s venerated Seventh Season:  Negan, played to darkly delicious diabolical perfection by Jeffery Dean Morgan.

(As soon as Jeffrey Dean Negan stepped out of that RV, darlings, none of our lives would ever be the same, and we all knew it…and so did Kirkman.)

Here’s a link to an EW interview with Robert Kirkman regarding the TWD Season 6 cliffhanger ending:

Remember, darlings, take those deep breaths.  The Season 7 trailer is almost here, and then it’s just a matter of weeks, days, hours until October, and the TWD Season 7 premiere, and eventually, all our burning questions will be answered, whether we like the answers or not.

Life will be vexing at times, and such times are sent to test us all. Weathering these tests with strength and grace are what makes us stronger.

Think of Rick and the sweet gang, all the hard times they have had to soldier through.

You can do this.

Remember the coping methodolgy we have discussed in previous posts, and keep your personal coping mechanisms within easy reach.  If you are feeling stressed, reach out to your Daryl Partner(s).

We can do this.  

And Kirkman, Gimple, & Nicotero know this, darlings. They seem like nice guys. They will kick our asses, and they will have a great time and make mad bank doing it, but they’re not dicks.

They’re not going to give us more than we can handle…I think. 

Now, some of you may remember, back in the spring of 2014, in those carefree days of blog yore, when I penned my first “prepost” for the  TWD Season 4 mid-season premiere episode, and first coined the Law of Kirkman.

The Law of Kirkman states:  

Kirkman does as Kirkman wants, and Kirkman can, and will, play with our emotions. It’s nothing personal, it’s how he do.”

Robert Kirkman may look like an affable and mild-mannered fellow, but underneath that placid exterior beats the heart of a true gangsta. 

With those last 15 minutes of TWD’s Episode 616,  Robert Kirkman reminded all of us in TWD fandom just who is wielding the barbed-wire wrapped bat, here.  

Negan may be the messenger, but it’s Kirkman who is wielding the bat, darlings.

This is Kirkman’s world, and we who choose to be in this world all work for him now.

Never to forget, Robert Kirkman, sir.  Never to forget.

Kirkman, Gimple, Nicotero and the rest of the TWD cast and crew will make it all worth it for the fans in TWD Season 7, of this I am certain.

Scott M. Gimple readily admitted on the S6 finale ep of Talking Dead that they at TWD, Inc. set the bar really high for themselves in Season 7 by leaving the Season 6 “Who got Lucilled?” cliffhanger ending dangling like so much bloody brains, gore, and viscera from Lucille’s deadly spikes.

Such a bold move is a creative call to arms, people.

These guys are inspired, energized. I have never seen Robert Kirkman so positively giddy as he was on that TD Season 6 finale episode.

The way I see it, there’s one big ass-kicking trickle down effect happening here, which has morphed into a personal theory about it, The AK Postulate.

The AK Postulate goes something like this:

Kirkman, Gimple, and Nicotero  have, once again, raised the gauntlet on themselves harder than they have on anyone else.

They keep doing that, so it must be like their crack or something.

Since K,G&N love nothing more than to kick our asses, hard, season after season, they have to keep it real, keep it edgy.

So, in order to do that, I postulate that Kirkman, Gimple, and Nicotero have to first kick their own asses, and hard,  by staying to true to their individual creative vision and the collective vision, in order to create a consistently superior product, and keep the fire going for the viewers.

So, K,G&N kick their own asses, first, and then, K,G&N  kick each other’s asses (in inimitable kung-fu style, of course) to check and balance each other, and align their superpowers accordingly.

Then, once Kirkman, Gimple, and Nicotero  have finished kicking each other’s asses, good and hard, then it is time for the Trifecta of Turmoil to assemble the entire TWD cast and crew, and start kicking all of their asses, for the duration of their burly TWD filming schedule.

And, so, take after take, day after day, week after week, month after month of getting their asses kicked, in the blazing Georgia heat, the entire TWD, Inc. franchise, come October, starts kicking all of our asses, week after week, episode after episode, month after month, year after year, season after season, in an unprecedented pop culture phenomenon, where we in TWD fandom worship our show,  all year round.

The way I see it, everyone is the TWD family is kicking ass, and getting their asses kicked, and somehow, the world is a better place for it.

And, since we seem to be batting around postulates, and theories, allow me to present my other theory: The L7 Theory.

See, gang, after this harrowing, cliffhanger finale ending, and seeing Kirkman on TD after, emanating like the Grand Master of the Flows, I really do feel that Kirkman and his army are ready to throw down in TWD Season 7 like never before.

I have pondered the sheer enormity of The Walking Dead television series entering its seventh season at great length, and as I meditated upon this event, the potential significance of the Seventh Level came to me.

I realized that perhaps Kirkman, Gimple, and Nicotero would employ Seventh Level/Level 7 imagery, symbolism, and references in the creation of The Walking Dead’s S7 storyline and episodes.

You see, darlings, the concept of the Seventh Level, or Level 7, is a recurring, powerful theme that has manifested itself throughout history, in vastly different cultures, in various spiritual belief systems, religions, art, and literature around the world.

I figured Robert Kirkman, Scott M. Gimple, and Greg Nicotero would know all about the meaning, and the symbolism, of the Seventh Level/Level 7, and as their hit show enters into its venerated Seventh Season, I felt certain that K,G&N would most certainly use Seventh Level/Level 7 symbolism and imagery to flex accordingly, to drive that shit right home into the core centers of our collective subconscious.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought, really, how could they not?

K,G&N  know things, darlings.  They are aware.  They are erudite men, well-read, well-versed, well-traveled. They are true artists.

Personally, I have been struck many times how often K,G&N pay homage to the classics of film, art, literature, and music, within the realm of the TWD television series.

So, I did some research, and as I dug deeper into the concept of Seventh Level/Level 7, it seemed my hunch was correct; in fact, it seemed evident that perhaps Robert Kirkman, Scott M. Gimple, and Greg Nicotero & Co. had already been employing Seventh Level imagery and symbolism throughout TWD Season 6.

And so, my latest theory, The L7 Theory, was born, and it goes something like this:

As I said before, throughout history, the concept of the Seventh Level or Level 7, has been a recurring theme that has manifested itself time and time again, with powerful meaning and profound significance, in the realms of classic art, literature, and various religious/spiritual belief systems throughout the world.

For example, in Buddhism, the Seventh Level of Consciousness represents the first level of consciousness that is inner-looking, rather than being focused outwards.  

This 7th level, or ‘mano,’ (Sanskrit) is concerned with the sense of self, and one’s ability to distinguish between good and evil.

There is also the concept, in many religions throughout the world, of there being multiple levels of Heaven.

The Seventh Level of Heaven is where the holy beings and souls share their rest with the love of God, who sits above the Seventh Heaven in the Throne of God.

Now, haven’t we seen the concept of key characters looking inward, and taking a moral inventory, as a recurring theme in TWD Season 6?

We have watched, throughout S6, as many of our main characters must grapple with the decisions they have made, and must continue to make, on a daily basis, to survive a hellish world that keeps getting more and more predatory, despite the brief and welcome respite that the walls of Alexandria provided for Rick and the gang, at least for a small spell.

Each of our main characters has had to look inside themselves, at some point in Season 6, and take an internal assessment, a moral inventory, on many levels, to reconcile what it takes to survive versus what it takes to retain their humanity, to love, to trust, and allow others in.

Many times, this moral inventory has led to key exchanges between characters, as they ponder, discuss, debate this ever-present, ever-evolving issue.

And, with the advent of Alexandria opening its doors to them, we have watched our gang’s struggle as they find themselves being challenged, once again, to open their hearts to others, and be part of a larger community, even if taking such risks means a real chance future loss and heartbreak…and, as we see in Season 6, there is much loss, and heartbreak, throughout, as Alexandria’s walls are breached, and innocent lives are taken, in brutal, horrific ways, and suddenly, Rick and the others are once more resorting to desperate measures to survive, and to protect the ones they love the most.

This exploration into each character’s individual psyches, and the ensuing conversations, and debates, between Rick, Daryl, Morgan, Carol, Maggie, Glenn, and so many other characters in Season 6, about: past and present choices (and how those choices inform who they are, and their code of values, in the present); good v. necessary v. evil; love v. survival, resonates (to me) with the Buddhist Seventh Level of Consciousness.

In addition to Rick’s people, and the citizens of Alexandria, we have begun to learn about other characters, other groups, in Season 6, who continue to choose to embrace their humanity, despite the risks inherent in doing so: namely, Jesus, and others, of the Hilltop community, and the two young horsemen in makeshift armor that Morgan and Carol encounter in Ep 616 (presumably from the Kingdom community of the TWD comic book series), and who offer their assistance to Morgan and Carol (who is wounded).

Come Season 7, we will get to know much more about these communities, how they have coped with the unwelcome role of “working” for Negan, and how these communities interact with Rick, his people, and the Alexandrians…and, if the television series mirrors the comic series, we will see these other communities’ roles in the Ricksistance!

¡Viva la Ricksistance!   <3<3

Now, the Saviorswell, aside from a glimmer of humanity from Paula, Molls, and the other dark-haired beautiful sad girl, and the tense exchange between Daryl, Dwight, and the two young girls in the burned forest, there does not seem to be much “inward-looking” happening within the ranks of Negan’s cult army.

The eyes of the Saviors have gone cold, and dead, and the only joy, or spark, they seem to feel is the dark thrill of dominating, and harming, others.

And, on that note, kids, I’d like to welcome you all to the Dark Side of the L7 Theory, because, as we know, as there is progression inward, and upwards, there is also progression outward, and downwards:

In Dante’s classic epic, Inferno, there are 9 levels of Hell outlined,  with each level going deeper in degree of wickedness of sin, the punishment for those sins, and the degree of eternal torment and suffering the damned souls are condemned to endure.

Of course, as one goes deeper and deeper, the levels of misery, and suffering, increase.

The levels begin with Level 1, limbo, and end with Level 9, which is located within the center of the earth, and where Satan, punished for his ultimate sin of rebellion and treachery against God, is trapped, encased waist-deep in ice, endlessly punished while endlessly punishing the most vile of sinners, and traitors, such as Judas.

The Seventh Level of Hell  is described as follows:

Level 7

Guarded by the Minotaur, who snarls in fury, and encircled within the river Phlegethon, filled with boiling blood, is the Seventh Level of Hell.

The violent, the assassins, the tyrants, and the war-mongers lament their pitiless mischiefs in the river, while centaurs armed with bows and arrows shoot those who try to escape their punishment.

The stench here is overpowering.

This level is also home to the Wood of the Suicides– stunted and gnarled trees with twisting branches and poisoned fruit. At the time of final judgement, their bodies will hang from their branches. In those branches, the Harpies, foul birdlike creatures with human faces, make their nests.

Beyond the wood is scorching sand, where those who committed violence against God and nature are showered with flakes of fire that rain down against their naked bodies. Blasphemers and sodomites writhe in pain, their tongues more loosed to lamentation, and out of their eyes gushes forth their woe.

Usurers, who followed neither nature nor art, also share company in the Seventh Level.


As we read in this description of the Seventh Level of Hell, and throughout Dante’s Inferno,  each level of Hell is outlined in great detail, each level becoming more fearsome, more dark, more punishing than the one before it.

Each of these levels of Hell is guarded by a menacing force, or forces.

Does that sound familiar?

To me, it sounds like we have described the entirety of TWD Season 6, especially the second half of the season.

The way I see it, we have been descending deeper and deeper into Negan’s world throughout the second half of TWD Season 6, starting with Daryl’s fateful encounter with Dwight and the young girls, on the run from Negan’s as-yet nameless, faceless army, and ending with Rick and the gang’s terrifying journey, as they circle deeper and deeper into the dark forest, away from the Saviors and their increasingly menacing roadblocks.

As I rewatched Episode 616, after reading up on Seventh Level/Level 7 imagery and meaning, I recognized many details of the episode that seemed to be taken directly from Dante’s description of the Seventh Level of Hell.

In Dante’s Inferno, the descending levels of Hell are described as being circular in fashion, nine circles of suffering.

Think back to Episode 616 (rewatch, when you are able), as Rick, Abraham, and the others in the RV keep getting blocked again and again by Negan’s army, each blockade being more threatening, more terrifying than the one before it.

At Rick’s command, Abraham must keep turning the RV around, away from the larger and larger groups of heavily armed men, and their trucks, and their increasingly menacing, elaborate blockades.

As the RV circles around again, and again, and again, each potential escape is cut off by the Saviors, who are there at each turn, sitting, waiting for them.

The gang must keep turning around, the RV circling back, again and again, being forced deeper, and deeper, into the trap that has been set for them by Negan and his Saviors.

As darkness falls over the woods, their situation becomes more desperate as gas is low, and Maggie’s condition worsens. Eugene heroically comes up with a plan, to drive the RV solo, sacrificing himself as a decoy so Rick and the others can make a break for it on foot, carrying poor sick Maggie on a stretcher in a desperate attempt to get her to the Hilltop.

As they hurry through the dark forest, carrying Maggie on the stretcher, Rick seems deeply troubled, as Carl  attempts to reassure his father that they will make it through this challenge, too, as they have so many times before.

Carl vows that he will make sure that nobody will die the way Denise did, ever again, and Rick stops, looks at his son, and he is about to say something, something important, to Carl in that moment, in the darkness of the woods.

“Son,” Rick begins, but he is able to say nothing more, because his words, along with any hopes of making it out of the black forest, are pierced through by the telltale, singsong, two-note whistles of the Saviors.

The whistles build upon themselves, and two notes becomes a terrifying cacophony that surrounds Rick and the others, drowning out any thoughts, building only terror, and confusion…they are trapped, surrounded, and they will now be taken to the blackest epicenter, where Negan awaits them, eager to mete out his special brand of punishment.

Throughout this progression, throughout Ep 616,  in your next watching, take note of the imagery, the scenery, the details of the woods with the description of Dante’s Seventh Level of Hell in mind.

Note how the woods look, the spooky, gnarled, twisting trees. The chained blockade of walkers, with the demonic faces, barring the way forward. Remember the image of the poor, doomed runaway man’s body hanging from the bridge. Remember the explosion of fire as the blockade of felled trees rained fire and burning ashes onto Rick and the sweet gang, as Rick frantically orders them back into the RV.

It struck me, as I read, and reread, the description of Dante’s Seventh Level of Hell, that so many details, images, and symbols from that description directly mirrored images and details contained throughout TWD’s Season 6  (especially in the Ep S616 ), even down to the very “bows and arrows” that the centaurs use to shoot down those tormented souls to try to escape the river of boiling blood in Hell’s Level 7.

And what kind of sinners are condemned to eternal torment in the Seventh Level of Hell?

“The violent, the assassins, the tyrants, the war-mongers,” and “usurers.”

And who is Negan’s army comprised of?

The “violent, the assassins, the war-mongers” who swear absolute fealty to tyrant and a usurer (a usurer is one who taxes others excessively and unjustly,  just as Negan does).

I will bring my L7 Theory home, dear readers, by leaving this last detail for you to ponder:

Upon further research into the Harpies, which are mentioned in the above description of Dante’s Level 7 of Hell, I wondered if the chained blockade of walkers that Rick and the others drive up on (especially the female walker, the one who is adorned with Michonne’s dreds and clothing) may have been representative of the Harpies, who were once beautiful, winged spirits who devolved into hideous winged bird-monsters with women’s faces, and who became tasked with carrying the souls of the damned into the underworld.

When I read further into a hunch about the Harpies, and whether or not they made any kind of signature noise, or whistle, like the Saviors’ terrifyingly telltale singsong whistle, I stumbled upon the Mexican legend of the Lechuza, a demonic bird-monster with a woman’s face (just like the Harpies) who whistles at her prey from a hidden place, where the prey cannot see her, but become confused, rattled before the Lechuza swoops down and carrys her hapless victim to the underworld.  

BOOM!   La Lechuza sounds exactly like the Harpies, and the description of la Lechuza whistling to her prey reads exactly like the moment that the Saviors’ whistles surround Rick and the others in the dark forest!

In my research into my L7 hunch, I was repeatedly, completely blown away by the imagery and symbolism in both the Seventh Level of Hell, and Episode 616, especially my research into the Harpies, and La Lechuza.

In fact, many of the sites I found regarding the Harpies and the Lechuza made direct, frequent comparisons between the two.

My L7 Theory concludes with the mad certainty that Kirkman, Gimple, Nicotero & Co. have already started to get jiggy with Seventh Level/ Level 7 symbolism and meaning in the latter part of TWD Season 6, and they will continue to draw inspiration from Level 7, in all its forms and manifestations, throughout TWD Season 7.  



For me, the hardest thing about the initial (and subsequent) viewings of Episode 616 was watching Rick Grimes’ transition from being the hot, (over) confident leader we know and love so well…

rickshine 1

rickshine 3 lookrickshine 5 lookrickshine 6rickshine 7rickshine 9rickshine 10rickshine 11

rickshine 12rickshine 13rickshine14

…to this:

rickfear 1rickfear 2rickfear 3

rickfear 4 michonne walker

Dude, two words: Harpy Walker.

rickfear 5rickfear 6rickfear 7 michonne's dreadlockrickfear 8rickfear 9rickfear 10rickfear 11rickfear 12rickfear 13 w maggierickfear 14 bridgerickfear 15 retreatrickfear 16 retreatrickfear 17 singsongrickfear 18 singsongrickfear 19 lightsrickfear 20 trappedrickfear 21 this.

lm 207 what is rick thinking  andrew lincoln would knowlm 208 barest of nods  poor rick

Dear readers, I cannot lie…watching Rick Grimes in Ep 616 go from hot & cocky to helpless & broken was a hurtful, hurtful thing, indeed.

But, I believe with all my heart that Rick Smash! will be back, sooner than later.

(And, man, am I gonna be fucking glad to see that guy, my ultimate pretend bf mancrush…j’adore forevs, Rick Smash! ❤ ❤ ❤ )


In the comic series, Rick vows revenge for Glenn after gets Glenn gets savagely beaten to death by Negan.  

In response, Negan  beats Rick down with his bare hands, then turns to the rest of the group, still on their knees, with Glenn’s mangled, bloody corpse lying before them, that he and the Saviors will be in Alexandria in a week’s time to collect half of all of “their shit.”    

Rick and the others are left to collect Glenn’s remains and return home.

While it remains to be seen if the television series mirrors the comic series, I feel sure that Rick Smash! is not one to sit silently by after watching one of his own get horribly beaten to death in front of him, his son, and his chosen family.

Whether Rick Smash! takes a stand then and there, and vows his revenge aloud to Negan in the moment, or stays silent, I feel sure that Rick Grimes will ultimately do whatever needs to be done for the survival of himself, his son, and his people.

I think that the television series will mirror the comic series, and Rick Grimes will bide his time, grit his teeth, and play, so convincingly, the part of one who has been beaten, cowed into “obsequious bondage,” making a show of humbly eating Negan’s shit as it is fed to him, time after time, while secretly observing, calculating, planning, plotting, mobilizing La Ricksistance. 

Rick will suffer, no doubt.  He already has.

Watching one of his own be brutally, savagely beaten to death in front of his, and his family’s, eyes (in retailiation for, partly, an attack he orchestrated and led) is a crushing blow to Rick Grimes.  And this is just the beginning.

Negan will make sure of that.

Rick is sure to take some major moral inventory in TWD Season 7, replaying past mistakes, raking himself over the coals within his inner landscape, and I feel sure that his personal guilt and shame, coupled with his public humiliations at the hands of Negan will be a horrible, demoralizing thing to watch, especially for his people, and  for those of us on Team Rick, and most especially for his son, Carl.

In the comic series, Negan vows to Rick that he will break him, Rick, in front of his people, and I predict that Negan, as he does in the comic series, will use Carl to get at Rick.

I feel most certain that Carl has survived being Lucilled in this first round. Negan developed an immediate fascination with the boy, especially when he quickly made the connection that “the future serial killer” was, in fact, Rick’s son.  This realization immediately placed Carl in Negan’s “keep, for now” category, as he would be an invaluable tool in Negan’s quest to break Rick by dominating Rick, belittling him, and humiliating him in front of his son, and his people.

It’s going to be a rough one for those of us on Team Rick to watch our man fall from grace.  I cannot lie. But, let us remember, and be comforted by the knowledge that while Rick Grimes must swallow “that nasty, bitter pill, oh yes, he most certainly  will” on the outside, Rick Smash! will be crouched in that inner landscape, waiting, watching, simmering and smoldering as he secretly strategizes, mobilizes La Ricksistance.

Rick Smash! needs an army for his rebellion, and the communities like the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and now, Alexandria (who aren’t exactly gentling down into the sycophantic ranks of Savior Stockholm Syndromeneed a leader, one who has the brains, the brawn and the cojones to get the job done.

Who you gonna call?

❤ ❤ Rick Smash!   Rick Smash!   Rick Smash!  ❤

These communities are sick of giving up half their shit (and then some),  only to be informed (once again) that they’ve come up short of their quota.


Like, it’s ALREADY the zombie apocalypse.

Shit sucks, shit smells,  and everyone remembers, and misses, the good ol’ days, when there was shit like like hot showers, and wine, and coffee, and tv, and everyone’s had to do some crazy shit to survive this long. There’s no guarantee that anybody will survive to see another day, and everyone’s hungry all the time, and  all the good shit is always in short supply.  

Anyone still living is working their asses off to stay alive, let alone thrive, and nowadays, any time anyone gets anything good going, something is guaranteed to come along and fuck it all up…it could be an epidemic, or a horde of walkers, OR it could be THAT TIME OF THE MONTH when NEGAN and his sycophantic asshole squad, THE SAVIORS,  come along and take all of everyone’s BEST SHIT (in exchange for the Saviors’ supposed “protection” of the community, but the only thing Negan and the Saviors seem to be protecting anyone from, ever, is their prosperity and happiness.)

THEN, after taking way more than half of all a community’s SAID BEST SHIT, those Savior ASSHOLES are sure to turn around and inform SAID BELEAGURED COMMUNITY that “your quota’s come up short,” YET AGAIN,  and so NOW everyone’s gotta get on their FUCKING KNEES,  YET AGAIN, and WATCH as yet another poor random from their community gets bludgeoned to DEATH by NEGAN, wielding LUCILLE, and then NEGAN and his asshole SAVIORS leave with even MORE OF THEIR SHIT, and leave the traumatized, grieving community to DEAL WITH THE BODY.  




<3<3<3<3<3 VIVA LA RICKSISTANCE!  <3<3 ❤ ❤ ❤


And, now, dear readers, somewhere between my own private shame-spiral, and a rebellious, “I may care for the devil” attitude, I must confess that, for me, the easiest part of watching TWD’s Episode 616 was watching this guy:


I have a crush on the Big Bad Wolf.

I know, I know. I’m a bad, bad lady.

At least I’m owning that shit. And, I know, dear readers, that I’m not the only one who has the hots for the man wielding the barbed-wire bat, am I right?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I mean, how can we help it? It’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan, for chrissakes. We’ve all had a major crush on that guy for, like, forever, since back in the day when he played Denny on Grey’s Anatomy. We all watched that devastating scene and cried, hard, when Denny lay dead on the hospital bed with Izzie sobbing on his chest.

And who can forget Jeffrey Dean as the Comedian on Watchmen?


Never to forget, Jeffrey Dean. Never to forget.

Look, gang, I don’t know why it feels so, sooo good to be so, sooo bad, but it’s the way it’s always been, since the dawn of time.

All I know is seeing Jeffrey Dean Negan making one the most badass entrances in the history of television, and completely owning those last 15 minutes of Episode 616 had me thinking crazy chick thoughts, like, “But, I bet I could save him.”

Of course, I was devastated for Rick, and the sweet gang, but, I cannot lie…watching that scene, I wasn’t sure what was more lethal: Lucille, or Jeffrey Dean Negan’s dark eyes twinkling with evil mirth, or that blinding smile, or those damn dimples. 

Watching Jeffrey Dean Negan dominate that scene, I thought to myself,  “Jesus, it’s no wonder that guy has like 10,ooo people blindly worshipping him.”

So, Jeffrey Dean Negan, on behalf of barnfullawalkers, I would like to award you the coveted Deadie for Best Badguy and welcome you to the ranks of my own personal “Bad Boy BF’s,” a crushworthy collection of some of my fave felons from movies and television.

Their transgressions range from being morally ambiguous/socially outcast, to being sociopathic murderers and/or monsters, but if loving them is wrong, well, then, I don’t wanna be right:


Now, some of you may be wondering about my inclusion of Predator in this gallery of hot bad boys, and yes,  I must cop to developing an immediate, id-deep fetishy crush on Pred, as I affectionately refer to him, right from my first watching of Predator, back in the day.

Now, do I want to kiss that mouth?  Fuck, no.  

But, this is not about kissing…it’s wayyy more primal than that.

First off, Pred’s alpha AF.  He’s got that total confidence of one who can completely dominate in the battle jungle.  Confidence like that is rare, and it’s sexy.

 Pred’s also got mad style. That body armor, and those broad shoulders. Mmmm, mmm.  And, he’s super tall, so a gal could wear her stillettos.  

I think we can all easily imagine Pred living the VIP life of the intergalactic mogul that he most obviously is:  Private jets, sleek, high-powered spaceships, limos, yachts, posse.   Red carpet, couture body armor10 chicks deep, each arm.

Pred takes sexy-ugly to a whole new level.   And, who knows what tentacle porn talents Pred’s dreds may possess?

I can’t fully explain it, but when it comes to Pred, I’m in. 

 Just keep the mask on, buddy.

Anyway, welcome to the fold, Jeffrey Dean Negan. ❤ ❤


Ok, loves, it’s that time.

Let us hold hands, and jump in together, as we revisit the Last 15+ Minutes of TWD Episode 616, “Last Day On Earth.”

rickfear 22 good  you made it  welcome to where you're goin

“Good, you made it. Welcome to where you’re goin’.” (Ominous opening words from Negan’s current head flunkie, who most likely got promoted after Snidely got blowed the fuck up by Daryl. This guy looks like his name should be “Mitch Handlestache” or some shit like that. His tall, rangy style reminded me of some 70’s or 80’s- era bad buy, like a bad guy from some Clint Eastwood movie. Anyhow, mad props on the retro bad guy style, Mitch Handlestache!)

last minutes 1

lm 2 gun

As the gang’s weapons are collected, Mitch Handlestache looks down at the pistol that he has taken off Carl, the one with the image of Lucille carved into the wooden handle. He looks up at Carl.

lm 3 carl mh that's yours, right

“That’s yours, right?” Carl says nothing, glares in reply. The two hold each other’s stare for a brief moment.

lm 4 yeah

“Yeah,” Mitch H. says, softly, peering more closely at Carl.

lm 5 it's yours

“It’s yours.”

lm 6 hatflick

Still holding Carl’s stare, Mitch Handlestache flicks Rick’s deputy hat.

lm 7 staredown

Carl does not move, or flinch, at this.

lm 8 ok, let's get her down and get you all on your knees

Mitch H. then stands, turns to address Rick and the others. “Ok, let’s get her down, and get ya all on your knees.”

lm 9 lots to cover

Lots to cover.

lm 10

As some Saviors approach Maggie, Abraham bristles, speaks out.

lm 11 abraham hold up

“Hold up.”

lm 12 we got it

“We got it.

lm 13 sure

Mitch holds up his hand, staying the men. He’ll allow it. “Sure.”

lm 15 lowering maggie

Abraham and the others lower Maggie gently down, and help her come off the stretcher.

lm 17 pan outlm 20 maggie kneeling

lm 18 abe maggie rick

Maggie is clearly ill, pale and sweating, as Abraham and Rick gently help her to her knees.

lm 21 maggie

lm 19 eugene

After helping Maggie, Rick stands, looks over, and sees Eugene, who has been roughly shoved over towards the others, and forced down onto his knees, Eugene has been beaten, is bleeding, crying, watching them.

lm 24 rick eugene sasha

The full import of what is happening seems to be hitting Rick…

lm 23 rick eugene kneeling carl

…as he looks down at Eugene, kneeling there.

lm 25 rick mh

Rick looks up to see that Mitch Handlestache has stepped up to him…

lm 26 i'm gonna need ya on your knees

“I’m gonna need ya on your knees,” Mitch Handlestache informs Rick Grimes.

lm 27 rick looks at carl

Stricken, Rick looks towards his son…

lm 28 carl

…who gapes, unbelieving, at his father.

lm 29 rick devastation

(Uggghhhhh.…this. is. really. the. worst.  EVER.)

lm 30 rick looks at mh

Rick looks back at Negan’s head flunky, as the Bear McCreary score rattles like a rattlesnake. His hands are tied. There is nothing he can do but submit in this moment.

lm 31 rick takes a knee 1

As his son, his people watch, Rick slowly comes to kneeling.

lm 32 rick kneels

😦 😦 😦 😦

lm 33 rick face in handlm 34 close up of rick on knees

lm 35 poor rick

<Watching this, I was all like:  :0  > “Noooooooooooooo!>

lm 37 door opens 1

We then see this recurring image of Ep 616, of light pouring through slats, bullet holes, of what looks like the inside of a box, or a cage. We hear breathing, and heartbeats pounding, and we see what looks like the silhouette of someone’s head. Outside, we hear Mitch H.’s voice barking some orders, about getting  “The other ones…right now!”

lm 36 dwight yea chop chop

Mitch H.barks out, “Dwight!” “Yeah,” a voice replies.  Chop, chop,” Mitch orders, brusquely, and we see Dwight step forward from the back ranks of the Saviors.

lm 37 door opens 1

lm 38 door light blinding

The light becomes blinding as the two doors open.

lm 39 c'mon daryl dwight michonne

Dwight walks over and opens two back doors of a van, and inside, we see  Daryl, Michonne behind him, as rough hands grab for Daryl and begin to pull him out of the van. Dwight prompts, “C’mon…”

lm 40 we got people to meet

“We got people to meet.”

lm 41 michonne rosita

Michonne and Rosita are then pulled roughly out of the van, after Daryl.

lm 42lm 43 michonne rosita

lm 44 rick sees others

Rick looks on, horrified, as he watches Daryl, Michonne, and Rosita  are pulled from the back of the van..

lm 45 rick sasha look over

lm 46 glenn is last one out

Glenn is the last one to be pulled out of the van by Dwight…

lm 47 glenn

…who throws him roughly to the ground, to his spot in the circle.

lm 48 glenn sees maggie

Glenn then looks up and sees…

lm 49 maggie


lm 50 glenn shoved down

Glenn is kicked from behind by Dwight as he tries to go to Maggie..

lm 51 on your knees  maggie crying

Maggie cries helplessly as a Savior orders Glenn,“On your knees!”

lm 52 glenn

D: D:

lm 53 rositalm 54 eugenelm 55 daryl

lm 56 rick maggie  alright

“Al-right!” crows Mitch Handlestache.

lm 57 we've got a full boat

“We’ve got a full boat!

lm 58 let's meet the man  knocks

“Let’s meet the man.  (Knocks on RV door)

lm 59 maggie rick sashalm 60 aaron carl

lm 61 aaron carl eugene  door opens creak

(The RV door creaks open)

lm 62 negan 1

Our first look at Negan.

lm 63 pissin our pants yet

“Pissin’ our pants yet?”

lm 64 neganlm 65 neganlm 66 negan approaches

lm 67 boy, i have a feelin' we're gettin close

Boy, do I have a feeling…

lm 68 do i have a feelin we're gettin close

“…we’re gettin’ close.”

lm 69 negan lucillelm 70 lineup

lm 70 yep


lm 71 it's gonna be pee pee city real soon

“…it’s gonna be pee-pee pants city here…”

lm 72 it's gonna be pee pee pants city here real soon

 real soon.”

lm 73 which one of you pricks is the leader

“Which one…

lm 74 which onea you pricks

…of you pricks…

lm 75 is the leader

…is the leader?”

lm 76 this one

“It’s this one,” Mitch Handlestache tattletales, pointing at Rick.

lm 77 this one  points

lm 78 he's the guy

He’s the guy.  (Handlestache, you goddamn suck-up.)

lm 79 negan looks down at rick

Negan looks down at the man kneeling before him, sighs, takes a couple of steps closer.

lm 80 negan regards rick

lm 81're rick right

“Hi, you’re Rick, right?

lm 82 i'm negan

“I’m Negan.”

lm 83 and i do not appreciate you killin' my men

“And, I do not appreciate you killin’ my men.”

lm 85 also, when i sent my people to kill your people for killin my people

“Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killin’ my people….”

lm 86 you killed more of my people

“…you killed more of my people!”

lm 87 not cool

Not cool…”

lm 88 not have

“…not cool. You have no idea…”

lm 89 you have no idea how not cool that shit is

“…how not cool that shit is.”

lm 90 but i think

But, I think…”

lm 91 that you're gonna be up to speed shortly

“…you’re gonna be up to speed, shortly.”

lm 92 rick looks uplm 93 negan looks at rick

lm 94're so gonna regret crossin me in a few minutes

“Yeah, you’re so gonna regret crossin’ me in a few minutes.”

lm 95 yes you are!

“Yes, you are!”

lm 96 you see, rick, whatever you do

“You see, Rick, whatever you do…”

lm 97 no matter what you don't mess with the new world order  the new world order

“…no matter what, you don’t mess with the new world order.”

lm 98 and the new world order is this it's really very simple

New world order is this, and it’s really very simple…”

lm 99 so even if you're stupid, and you may very well be,

“So, even if you’re stupid, which you very may well be…”

lm 100

“…you can understand it.”

lm 101 you can understand it ready


lm 102 here it goes, pay attention

Here it goespay attention.”

lm 103 lucille at rick's neck

lm 104 give me your shit, or i will kill you

“Give me your shit, or I will kill you.”

lm 105 today was career day

“Today was career day.”

lm 106 we invested a lot, so you would know who i am and what i can do

“We invested a lot, so you would know who I am and what I can do.”

lm 107 you work for me now

“You work for me, now.”

lm 108 you have shit, you give it to me

You have shit, you give it to me.

lm 109 that's your job

That’s your job.”

lm 110 nasty pill to swallow

“Now, I know that is a mighty big, nasty pill…”

lm 110 now, i know that is a might big

“…to swallow.”

lm 111 but swallow it

“But, swallow it…”

lm 112 but swallow it, you most certainly will

“…you most certainly will!

lm 113 you ruled the roost

“You ruled the roost.”

lm 114 you...built something

“You built something.”

lm 115 you thought you were safe

“You thought you were safe.”

lm 116 maggie  i get it

“I get it.”

lm 117 but, the word is out

But, the word is out.”

lm 118 you are not safe

“You are not safe.”

lm 119 not even close

“Not even close.”

lm 120 in fact, you are pegged

“In fact, you are pegged

lm 121 in fact, more pegged if you don't do what I want, and what I want

“… more pegged if you don’t do what I want, and what I want…”

lm 122 is half your shit

“…is half your shit.”

lm 123 and if that's too much, you can make, find

“And, if that’s too much…”

lm 124 or steal more, and it will even out sooner or later

“…you can make, find, or steal more, and it will even out, sooner or later.”

lm 125 this is your way of life now

This is your way of life now.”

lm 126 the more you fight back, the harder it will be

“The more you fight back, the harder it will be.”

lm 127 rick maggie sasha

lm 128 so, someone knocks on your door

So, someone knocks on your door…”

lm 129 you let us in  we own that door

“…you let us in. We OWN that door.”

lm 130 you try to stop us...

“You try to stop us…”

lm 131 and we will knock it down

“…and we will knock it down.”

lm 132 rick lucille

lm 133 you understand

“You understand?”

lm 134 what  hand to ear


lm 135 no answer

No answer?

lm 136  you didn't think you were gonna get through this without being punished, did you

You…didn’t think you were gonna get through this without being punished, now, did you?

lm 137 rick

lm 138 i don't wanna kill you people, i wanna make that clear from the get go

“I don’t wanna kill you people. I just wanna make that clear from the get-go.”

lm 139 i want u to work for me you can't very well do that if you're dead

“I want you to work for me. You can’t do that if you’re dead, now, can ya?”

lm 140 i'm not growin a garden

“I’m not growin’ a garden.”

lm 141 rick maggie sasha

lm 142 but, you killed my people  a whole damn lot of them more than i feel comfortable with

“But, you killed my people. A whole damn lot of them. More than I feel comfortable with.”

lm 143 and for that, for that you're gonna pay

“And for that, for that, you’re gonna pay.”

lm 144lm 145

lm 146 so now...

“So, now…”

lm 147 i'm gonna beat the holy hell out of one of you

“I’m gonna beat the holy hell outta one of you.”

lm 148 this...this is lucille, and she is awesome

This…this is Lucille, and she is awesome.”

lm 149 glenn

lm 150 all this, all this is just so we

All thisall this is just…”

lm 151 sasha looks away

lm 152 all this is so we can pick out

“…so we can pick out…”

lm 153 which one of you gets the honor

“…which one of you gets the honor.”

lm 154 maggie looks up

lm 155 abraham looks up at negan dares

As Negan stops in front of Abraham, Abe straightens up,  looks up defiantly at Negan, like, <“Pick me, motherfucker.”>  (And this, this made my heart swell so big for Abraham. He really would volunteer, without hesitation, to take this one for his team, love for Sasha and all. Biggest props to Abraham Ford for being the bravest soldier, with the biggest heart.Much love, Abraham Ford. ❤ )

lm 156 negan 'huh'

Negan’s eyebrows raise at this, and he marvels, “Huh.”

lm 157 negan considers

He makes a show of stroking his chin, as if considering, then muses, “I gotta shave this shit,” and walks on, leaving Abe untouched. Brrrrr…that’s cold, Jeffrey Dean Negan. That’s real cold.

lm 158 carl  you got one of our guns

Negan saunters up to where Carl is kneeling. “You got one of our guns,” he says, conversationally, before kicking the pistol to the side and crouching down to Carl’s eye level, to have a closer look at Carl.

lm 159  whoa, you got a lot of our guns

Negan regards Carl with interest, remarks, “You got a lot of our guns.”

lm 160 carl glares at negan

Carl says nothing, just continues to glare at Negan.

lm 161 shit, kid

Shit, kid,” Negan jokes.

lm 162 lighten up

“Lighten up.”

lm 163 at least cry a little

“At least cry a little.”

lm 164

lm 165

With a laugh, and a last look at Carl, Negan stands back up…

lm 166

…tucking the pistol in his belt…

lm 167

…and continues his perusal of the kneeling gang.

lm 168 hmmm

His face is hard to read, just a little smile as he walks past..

lm 169 looks

…considering each one.

lm 170 jeezus  maggie

Negan stops in front of Maggie. “Jee-zus,” he exclaims.

lm 171 you look shitty

“You look shitty.” (Watching this scene, I thought to myself, “If this is looking shitty, then I must look really shitty, like, all of the time.”)

lm 172 glenn

Glenn watches this exchange, agonizing.

lm 173 i should just put u out of your misery right now

Flourishing the modified bat, Negan jokes,

lm 174 noooo

“I should just put you outta your misery right now!”

lm 175 noooo sounds of struggle

“Noooo!” Glenn cries out, and tries to rush Negan, who hirls around, watches, as Dwight tackles Glenn down,

lm 176 negan hot bat poselm 177 glenn taken down

lm 178 maggie stop

Maggie cries out, “Stop!” as Glenn is beaten down, subdued by Dwight.

lm 179 glenn ass kicked

lm 180 crossbow glenn

Dwight draws Daryl’s crossbow on Glenn, waits for the word from Negan.

lm 181 negan is pissed

Negan takes this in stride, but you can tell he’s super pissed, like one who is never interrupted, or made to wait, or crossed in any way, shape, or fashion.

lm 182 negan pointing  easter egg

“Nope,” he says, testily.

lm 183 nope  pissed


lm 184 nope get him back in line  (so I can bash him)

“Get him back in line.”

lm 185 negan breathin smoke

lm 186  tedius to be so inconvenienced

As Glenn is dragged back, protesting, resisting, you can tell Negan is fuming inside.

lm 187 don't

(Rewatching this scene, seeing how pissed Negan is, I really thought that Glenn had just put himself at the top of Negan’s pick list.)

lm 188 glenn distraught

Glenn is shoved back to his spot, where he cries out in his helplessness. “Don’t,” he begs, miserably.

lm 189 oh shit  that smile means u getting lucilled

Negan looks at him, and laughs, silently.

lm 190 don't  smile gets meanerlm 191 negan laughs

lm 192 alright listen, don't aaany of you do that again


lm 193 don't any of ya do that again

“Don’t any of ya do that again.”

lm 194 i will

“I will shut that shit down…”

lm 195 shut

“No exceptions.”

lm 196 that shit down, no exceptions

(Man, so many incredible shots of JDM in this scene, like this one, this profile shot. Total predator.)

lm 197 dark mccreary guitar moment

“First one’s free…”

lm 198 first one's free, it's an emotional moment, i get it  predator marks prey

“It’s an emotional moment. I get it.” (Once again, that smile…made me wonder if Glenn was marked from that point on, plus the comic series precendent…)

lm 199 glenn

Glenn, shaking, tries to compose himself.

lm 200 maggie

Maggie  gulps, manages to do the same.

lm 201 rick be buggin  his worst nightmare real

Rick is reeling, shaking, really bugging, hard.

lm 202 rick's worst nightmare realize

This moment is Rick Grimes’ worst nightmare come to life.  

lm 204 negan looks at rick

Negan sees this, Rick’s inner struggle, and his eyes, as he looks down at Rick, almost soften into something akin to sympathy, or, at least, recognition.

lm 205 sucks don't it

“Sucks, don’t it?” he says, softly, down to Rick.

lm 206 the moment u realize u don't know shit

“The moment you realize you don’t know shit?

lm 207 what is rick thinking  andrew lincoln would know

Rick, sweating, looks up at Negan…

lm 208 barest of nods  poor rick

…before staring ahead, and giving the barest of nods.

lm 209 so many amazing shots

lm 210 negan and carl lock eyes

Negan glances over, and sees Carl watching this exchange intently.

lm 211 negan realizes

As he and Carl lock eyes, Negan begins to realize…

lm 212 negan looks back at rick

Negan looks back at Rick, putting it together.

lm 213 negan points bat, rattlesnake music

His smile widens as he points the bat first at Rick, then at Carl. “This is your kid…

lm 214 negan walks towards carl


lm 215 that's your kid

Negan looks back at Rick as he laughs, delighted…

lm 216 right

And, leading with the pointed end of the bat, he walks towards Carl…

lm 217 ho ho

…for a closer look at the boy.

lm 218 man jeffrey dean negan is so good at being so bad

“Ho ho ho!”

lm 219 this is definitely your kid

“This is definitely your kid!”

lm 220 rick stop that

“You stop this!” Rick grinds out, in helpless fury.

lm 221 hey

“HEY!” Negan shuts down Rick’s outburst.

lm 222 do not make me kill

“Do. Not. Make. Me…”

lm 223 make me kill the little future serial killer

“…kill the little future serial killer!”

lm 224

“Don’t make it…”

lm 225 don't make it easy for me

“…easy on me!”

lm 228 negan regards rick w amusement

“I gotta pick somebody!

lm 229 i gotta pick somebody

“Ev-v-verybody’s at the table…”

lm 230 everybody's at the table, waiting for me to reward them

“…waiting for me to order!

lm 231 negan is alpha

And, with that, Negan continues down the line…

lm 232 whistles, regards rick


lm 233 walks past

Negan’s whistle stops, and starts, tunelessly as he walks on.

lm 234 omg line up w lucille in forefrontlm 235 whistle walk maggielm 236 abrahamlm 237 michonne defiantlm 238 michonne 2lm 239 whistle breaks negan looks nods

lm 240 whistle drops two notes w two nods

The whistle climbs two notes, drops two notes, dies out.

lm 241 negan speakslm 242 smiles


lm 243 i simply

“I simply…”

lm 244 i simply cannot decide

“…cannot decide!”

lm 245 back shot

Negan turns away, as if grappling with such a weighty decision…

lm 246 iconic negan back 1

…laughs at his predicament…

lm 247 laughs

…making a great show of being so undecided.

lm 248

Then, he turns, as if he has been struck by a sudden inspiration.

lm 249 open arms smile joke

He beams down at them, arms open.

lm 250 i got an idea

“I got an idea!”

lm 251 licks lips

Negan licks his lips.

lm 252 beamslm 253 wait for it...

lm 254 eeny


lm 255 rick

lm 256 maggie 1


lm 257 abraham (miney)

lm 258 miney


lm 259 moe michonne


lm 260 catch...a tiger

“Catch…a tiger…by,”

lm 261 by sasha

“His toe.”

lm 261 sasha if


lm 262 sasha sidelook

lm 263 hollers aaron

“He hollers,”

lm 264 let him go

“Let…him go.”

lm 265 raised look to...carllm 266 glintlm 267 my mother

lm 268

“My mother”

lm 269 told me carl

“Told me”

lm 270 to pick

“To pick”

lm 271 the very  michonne

“The very”

lm 272 best  eugene


lm 273 one sasha crying


lm 274 and  rosita

“And you”

lm 275 aaronlm 276 bat glenn

lm 277 are  maggie


lm 278 lucillelm 279 daryllm 280 abrahamlm 281 carllm 282 ricklm 283 rick 2lm 284 rick 3lm 285 negan 1lm 286 negan 2

lm 287 it


lm 288 negan 1

“Anybody moves…”

lm 289 anybody move, anybody says anything

“…anybody says anything…”

lm 290 anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boys' other eye out &amp; feed it to his father

“…cut the boy’s other eye out…”

lm 291 and then we'll start

“…and feed it to his father. And then we’ll start.”

lm 292 you can breathe, you can blink

“You can breathe. You can blink.”

lm 293 you can cry

“You can cry.”

lm 294 hell...


lm 295 you're all gonna be

“…you’re all gonna be doin’ that.”

lm 296 doin thatlm 297 overhead 2lm 297.5 overhead 1

lm 298 bat down


lm 299 ground scream

The poor victim falls to side, a ringing sound whirling round the haze…

lm 300 oh ho

 Before valiantly struggling to get back up, to Negan’s amusement. “Oh, ho, ho!”

lm 301 laughterlm 302 laughter bloodlm 303 negan bloodlm 304 negan bent laughing

lm 305 look at that

“Look at that!”

lm 306 taking it

“Taking it…”

lm 307 like a champ

“…like a champ!”

lm 308 neganlm 309 over againlm 310lm 311 damn

And then, the thuds.  And then, the silence.  And then, the credits.

And now,  here we are, two days away from the official airing of the TWD Season 7 trailer, during the #TWDSDCC2016 panel, and of course, we will all be watching.

I have said pretty much what I came to say, so I will end with my predictions, my top two guesses, as to who the unlucky recipient of Negan/Lucille’s wrath is,  based soley on my own personal observations.

The first of two top picks is, I hate to say, Glenn Rhee.

I have vacillated many times, back and forth, as to whether or not I thought the TWD televsion series would mirror the comic series, and Glenn would be the one  to get Lucilled by Jeffrey Dean Negan. At first I took it as a given, and then I was like, “Well, maybe Glenn is so beloved in the TWD tv series, that maybe they’ll change the storyline and another character will get the bat.”

And, yes, I do think that it is a definite possibility that another character will take Glenn’s place in the tv series, and die a horrible death, on their knees, in that circle.

In the realm of possibility, it could be any one of them, including Rick.

But, this is the way I see it, based on how I think, and the little I have heard/read/think I know:

It’s not Rick.

I think, in the tv series, as in the comic series, Negan will want to keep Rick around, to utilize Rick’s leadership skills, like a manager who works for Negan and oversees his former community, i.e. the Alexandrians.  

I mean, Negan doesn’t want to watch over all these communities he keeps amassing into his employ. He seems to make the former leaders of those communities act as his manager/figureheads, like Gregory and the Hilltop.  So, I feel like he will  keep Rick around to manage the Alexandrian community, but he will constantly look for opportunities belittle Rick, knock him off the pedestal his former community once put him on.

Negan will make sure that Rick, and Rick’s people, will know who really is boss.

I think Negan will spare Carl as well, as he seems fascinated with “the little future serial killer” and will want to use Carl as a way to get to his dad, even perhaps taking the boy under his wing while continuing to humiliate Rick in front of his son, and driving a wedge in between Carl and Rick.

I mean, there’s no TV or computers in the PZA… what the hell else is there for a bad guy to do but fuck with people?

I have heard/read that Negan doesn’t kill wounded people, and he doesn’t kill women. If that is true, that would rule out Daryl, and the women of the gang.

My fear for the women is that Negan has a whole army of men who are armed, bored, and agro AF, and a way to reward, and amuse, those men is to give them women…any women Negan doesn’t want for himself, that is.

I have heard/read that in the comic series, Negan has a number of wives, and any man caught messing with one of his wives gets a hot iron to the face, like what seems to have happened to Dwight.

(And, speaking of Dwight, I also heard, or read, that Dwight knows that Negan doesn’t kill an injured man, so he shot Daryl in the shoulder as a kind of fucked-up repayment for Daryl’s sparing him, and the young girls, back in the burned forest. So, we’ll see how that all plays out.)

So, yes, I am worried that the desirable women of Rick’s community may be seen as a commodity, and I also have that fear for Baby Judith.  Babies are rare in these times…what if one of Negan’s wives desperately wants a baby and wants Judith for herself?

But, again, we shall see how all that plays out.

Abraham made himself available to be the one picked, made it clear to Negan that he would take the beating…and for Negan, that probably takes the fun out of it all. So, I don’t think he would choose Abraham.

So, excluding Rick, Carl, Abe, Daryl, the women…that leaves Glenn, Eugene, and Aaron.

Now, back to Glenn, my first pick.

Glenn’s outburst really seemed, to me, to piss Negan off, big time, in that final scene of Ep 616. I mean, the guy is surrounded by sycophants who worship him. Nobody is making him wait, or interrupting him, or challenging him in any way.

And Glenn did all of those things, and Negan was pissed.

Also, I read the scene in the comic series when Glenn gets Lucilled, examining it frame by frame.  It’s an iconic scene in the series, powerful, pivotal in the storyline.  It changes everything.  And many of the moments, many of the lines, in the tv series rendition directly mirrors the comic series.

I was also made privy to an article that makes an interesting argument for Glenn being the one tagged “It” by Negan, basing their argument on the “first person perspective” camera angle used repeatedly throughout TWD Ep 616.

I think there’s a lot of merit to it. Check it out:

Now, for my second guess. My second guess, out of everyone, is Aaron.  Again, I hate to say it. I love Aaron, and he was so beautiful, tragic, heroic looking in that final scene.

Why Aaron?

Again, I hate to say this, because I love Aaron, and Ross Marquand, but based on the level of fan love and devotion for all the other characters in that kneeling circle, including Eugene, I feel that, relatively speaking, Aaron would be voted “Character Most Likely To Be Wearing The Red Shirt.”

(Please, don’t hate me. I already hate myself for even writing these words.  I love you, Aaron, and Ross Marquand!)

Another reason I think it may be Aaron? Because Negan, while he’s doing his “Eeny meeny miney mo” thing, he points the bat at Aaron as he says “If he hollers,” and then, he seems to stay there, not stepping to anyone else, as he continues, “Let him go,” and then, Jeffrey Dean Negan makes a face, like, eyes lift, and he smiles, like “Hey, how about that?” like he would move on, let Aaron, or whomever he was in front of in that moment, “go.”

Unfortunately, Negan seems to really get off on fucking with people, and Aaron is strategically placed close to Rick, (with Sasha in between the two, but kneeling a little behind the others) which makes makes Aaron pretty much right between Rick and Carl.

What better way to send a strong message to Rick, and make an indelible impression on Rick’s son, than to beat the man right next to both of them to death, so his blood and brains spray out all over them?

Another compelling reason I think it may be Aaron is this image:

lm 283 rick 2

You see the shadow on Rick’s face? This is the moment just before Negan says “It,” and tags his victim. The shadow on Rick’s face is on his left side, which suggests to me that Negan, the only one who is moving in that moment, is moving to Rick’s left side, where Aaron is. When I saw that shadow, it solidified my Aaron Theory.

Whether it’s Glenn, or Aaron, or another member of our sweet gang who gets the bat, I can only hope that the actor who plays that character gets to stick around, and work under Nicotero, and learn to be a badass director!

Wow, gang. I think I might actually winding this baby down. We have gone all over the place, and back again, with this one!

Give me a shout, share your thoughts.

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The world lately has been beautiful in many ways, and the world lately has been hard on the hearts.

Let us remember that love comes in all colors, and let us remember that we are one human family. To Rick and the gang, to my TWD family, to my human family, I offer two playlists, my original, and a remix ❤  #onelove 

I will be with you all, my TWD family, on Friday, and beyond, especially come October.

Keep an eye out for some posts featuring iconic albums from my life, maybe with a little story thrown in there. Remember albums? If you don’t, kids, you gotta get you some of that.

Peace out, gang, enjoy the playlists, & have a happy and safe summer: 

Last Day On Earth:

The Kills, “Doin It To Death”

Elvis Costello, “Goon Squad”

Echo & The Bunnymen, “Nocturnal Me”

Aristillus, “Circles”

J. Mascis, “Several Shades Of Why”

Slayer, “Angel Of Death”

Dystopia, “Slaved Chains”

Neurosis, “Eye”

Battleme, “Hey, Hey, My My” (Neil Young)

David Bowie, “Blackstar”

Fleetwood Mac, “Dreams”

Motorhead, “Sympathy For The Devil”

The Grateful Dead, “Ripple”


Last Day On Earth ( barnfullawalkers #onelove Remix)

Zeds Dead, “Lost You” (Kove Remix)

Zhu, “Faded” (ODESZA Remix)

Hermitude, “The Buzz,” (Feat. Big K.R.I.T., Mataya & Young Tapz)

The Chainsmokers, “Don’t Let Me Down”

Skrillex,  Diplo,  Justin Bieber, “Where Are Ü Now?”

ODESZA, “Sun Models” (Feat. Madelyn Grant)

ODESZA, “My Friends Never Die (Little People Remix)


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