TWD Season 7, Episode 7, “Sing Me A Song”

Once again, dear readers, the hour is late, so  it is with real regret that I must be brief. I loved TWD Ep 707 so much, in all its terrible beauty, and had I more time and opportunity, I would worship this episode with the depth and the reverence it truly deserves. ❤️❤️

Stellar performances all around, but very special Deadies go to Chandler Riggs/Carl Grimes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Negan, Scott M. Gimple, and, of course, Bear McCreary, for his haunting, on point soundtrack throughout the first half of TWD Season 7.

I got worry, as do we all. Send the love to Carl, Judith, Daryl, Michonne, Rick, Aaron, Rosita, Eugene, Maggie, Sasha, Jesus, Tara.  Father Gabriel. Enid. 

But not Spencer. Fuck Spencer. (Sorry, Austin Nichols.)

I am with you all in spirit tonight, TWD Family. ❤️ Bless Rick and our sweet, sweet gang.

Be well, gang. Stock up, take care of one another, and enjoy the playlist. 💞

“Sing Me A Song” Playlist:

Bjork, “Army Of Me”

Tori Amos, “Me And A Gun”

Amy Winehouse, “Back In Black”

Pretenders, “Kid”

Beastie Boys, “Girls”

Open Mike Eagle, “Ziggy Starfish (Anxiety Raps)”

The Cult, “Fire Woman”

Thin Lizzy, “Jailbreak”

Earth, Wind & Fire, “Sing A Song”

Omni, “Wire”

Th’ Faith Healers, “Mother Sky”

Led Zeppelin, “Four Sticks”

Morgana Stapleton, “You Are My Sunshine”

Cocteau Twins, “For Phoebe, Just A Baby”