TWD Season 6, Ep 14, “Twice As Far”

(All images used in this post are screencaps from AMC’s The Walking Dead unless otherwise specified.)

“Twice As Far”

“I wish it didn’t have to end. It was never my intention to hurt you. But this is how it has to be. We have so much here…people, food, walls…everything we need to live. But what we have, other people want, too, and that won’t ever change. If we survive this threat, an it’s not over, another one will be back to take its place.

I love you all here, and I’d have to kill for you.

And I can’t. I won’t. 

Rick sent me away, and I wasn’t ever going to come back, but everything happened, and I wound up staying…but I can’t, anymore. I can’t love anyone because I can’t kill for anyone. 
So, I’m going like I always should have. Don’t come after me, please.”





Devastating, really, all around. It didn’t hit me as hard with the first watching, but Ep 614 really did it to me the rewatching, picture-taking, posting.

A very heartfelt (and heartbroken) Deadie to Denise Cloyd, and the incredible actress who plays her, Merritt Wever. 

Doc Denise, you died doing one of the things you did best, giving the righteous biz, and even though your very real message got cut off mid-sentence, we, and Daryl and Rosita, heard every word. ❀ Mad props, much love. ❀

There was a whole segment of Ep 614 that I couldn’t even tackle, basically the apothecary scene to after the Denise-almost-gets-chomped-killing-the-Orange-Crush-Walker-and-throws-up-oatmeal-on-her-glasses-and-starts-yelling-at-Daryl-and-Rosita scene. It was too upsetting, too sad. This whole second half of TWD Season 6 is really doing a number on me, truth be told.

My dreams every night are basically set in the post-zombie apocalypse, with Negan and his cult army taking front stage center.

And now, there’s this:

It all makes me so stressed, and these days, when I’m stressed, I work in the garden a lot and make memes:


It seems in 2016, my playlists are quite often tribute playlists, honoring our fallen musical heroes and visionaries, and this playlist is no exception.  In honor of Phife, Tip, and our sweet gang, I offer the following playlist, and will, in this and future posts, often and lovingly refer to Rick, Daryl, and our sweet, sweet gang as The Tribe.  β€

RIP Phife Dawg ❀

Much love, dear readers, and enjoy the playlist.

The Tribe Playlist

A Tribe Called Quest, “Can I Kick It?”

EPMD, “Please Listen To My Demo”

Deep Purple, “Hush”

Brilliant Colors, “Painting Truths”

Queen Latifah, “Love Again” (for Doc Denise <3)

A Tribe Called Quest, “Scenario”

The Hives, “Tick Tick Boom”

Converge, “Aimless Arrow”

Tijuana Panthers, “Time”

Dum Dum Girls, “Coming Down”

A Tribe Called Quest, “Buggin’ Out” (We #TWDFamily all be buggin’ out right about now…)

TWD Ep 613 “The Same Boat”

“The Same Boat”

My life is rife with technical confusion, so I am posting this from my phone; thus, I will make this brief.

Wish me luck.

I fell in immediate love and obsession with this womancentric, catalytic episode. “The Same Boat” is def one of my all-time favorite TWD episodes to date.

To me, the entire episode held the power of a really great play, with intense, fraught exchanges between the characters: one on one, two on one, or in a group, all in the space of two or three rooms of a “safe house.” 

The most intense dialogue, and subsequent plot twists, take place in the “kill floor,” a place where Carol Peletier and Maggie Greene are taken by force, bound, and held captive. 

This main room serves as the setting for some of the most riveting, taut back and forth I have seen yet on The Walking Dead television series.

Much of the impact of this visionary TWD episode is brought by stellar, on point writing by Scott (Maestro) Gimple, incredible cinematography and visual effects by Greg Nicotero, Inc., and powerful performances by Melissa McBride (Carol), Lauren Cohan (Maggie), and Alicia Witt (Paula), as well as an incredible supporting cast.

A round of Deadies for all, but a special “What If” Deadie goes to Paula, who rocked all of our worlds, I think. I know she rocked mine, and Carol’s, and all I can say, from the bloody, weepy depths of my broken heart,  is, “Paula, Paula, Paula…what if Rick Grimes and out sweet gang had found you first, before you joined up with The Cult of Negan? They would have helped you regain your humanity, and it would have been awesome, and you would have been a valuable addition to the group.

Adieu, Paula. You leave me, and Carol, bereft and forever haunted in your firey wake.”


























































































And now, I pass the mic…enjoy. ❀️

TWD, Season 6, Episode 10, “The Next World”

Hey, gang, I’d been plugging steadily away at a sweet post for this lovely episode full of fun, flirting, frolic, fisticuffs, and finally,Β the hotly anticipated Richonne hookup…

<3<3 YES! <3<3

…but due to horrible technical snafus of all ilk and mettle, I am giving the fuck up and just throwing you lovely peeples the tasty, tasty playlists I’ve been compiling for all of these epic eps.

Rick and the gang, I love you; TWD family, I love you; computer seize ups and cortisol shooting upward out of the top of my freaking head and deadlines that never get met, I do not love you! (Nate, get back to the states as soon as you can, son, because we have some technical healing to do on this embattled laptop of mine, pleaaase.)

Sigh. It would have been epic, gang. I have the draft saved, so one day…but, until then, here’s some music to do shit to.

Enjoy the playlist, loves. I put some heart and soul into this one.

This playlist is a 14-song, multiera, multigenre celebration of sexy strangers, beefcake besties bumbling through boyish bromantic escapades, bittersweet endings (adieu, Deanna Walker, and Spencer’s boyhood innocence), and, of course, a sweet serenade of Richonne boom chicka wow-wowΒ to get our hearts beating and blood pumping! ❀ ❀

jesus 33 paul rovia  but my friends call me jesus

P.S. I am def a true believer in both Richonne, and inΒ Sexy Jesus… ❀




The Next World Playlist:

Beastie Boys, “The New Style”

Broncho, “Class Historian”

Bouncing Souls, “Manthem”

Stray Cats, “Runaway Boys”

R.E.M., “Orange Crush”

Skrillex, “Stranger”

Local Natives, “Wide Eyes”

Rolling Stones, “Waiting On a Friend”

Yeasayer, “I Am Chemistry”

Marvin Gaye, “Sexual Healing”

Tango, “Spellbound”

The Labrats, “Give My Soul”

Barry White, “Never Never Gonna Give You Up”

Aretha Franklin, “You’re All I Need To Get By”