The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 7, “Heads Up”

“Heads Up”

Hello again, dear readers, and I hope this late-as-fuck post finds you happy and well. My life has been a whirlwind of travel, family, and holidays, so I am once again knee-sliding it under the wire, hours before The Walking Dead’s Season 6 mid-season finale, “Start To Finish,” airs.

It’s pretty crazy that we’re here already, the mid-season finale…always such a bittersweet time.  The TWD mid-season finale is always epic, sure to please, and then, the long eight weeks before we reunite with our favorite show, and our sweet gang.

We must keep the love alive, people, during this long and lonely stretch. Watch, rewatch, revel, re-experience, realize, re-evaluate, photograph, meme, post, comment, double tap, tweet, draw, paint, blog…reach out to your TWD compadres, around the world, to help ease the pain until we all meet again in February 2016.

I do have some worry about what tonight’s mid-season finale, Episode 608, is going to bring, people. I cannot lie. I got worry, but I also got Stellas, and Bach’s Rescue Remedy, dear family, TWD family, and my WD buddy, who is also my Daryl Partner. I have my Hello Kitty blanket and my cozy little dog to snuggle with during the hard parts.

And, after the episode, there will be Talking Dead, an hour later than we could really use it (please stop doing that, AMC)  but when TWD does (finally) come on, Chris Hardwick will be there, as will Robert Kirkman (and two surprise guests, who may be two episode casualties…always so sad, but also comforting to see them alive and well, laughing on the couch).

Of course, then there will be a barnfullawalkers post, and there will be a playlist to wrap it all up for a eight weeks’ time. And, as we know, dear TWD fans and readers, we will survive. We have each other.

Now that we’ve gotten all that preamble out of the way, let us try to remember what the hell happened last week. Lots of shit of lots of levels happening all over the place, as I remember it.

So, in my Season 6 slack-style, let’s renumerate, and remark upon, some of the more memorable moments of TWD Episode 607, “Heads Up.”

  1. Glenn’s alive! I mean, that’s really the big one, and it all pretty much happened like we were hoping it would: Nicholas’s corpse bought Glenn the brief moments he needed to slide himself quickly and quietly under the dumpster to wait it out, stabbing the grabby Front-Row Walkers in the heads if they got too close with his trusty knife, until, eventually, the walkers wander off and Glenn emerges, unbitten and alive to see another day…or another few hours, at least.
  2. Enid’s Back! And, seemingly, not a Wolf…but, sure enough, dear readers, all will be revealed in due time. For now, Enid seems to have holed herself up in an abandoned apartment and indulged in some serious comfort eating with a store of canned foods.  After doing Glenn a solid and offering him some bottled water, Glenn tries to repay the favor by trying out his parenting style on her, telling Enid that she needs to come back to Alexandria.  After the predictable teen angst/rebellion/”what’s the point, we’re all doomed” back and forth, Glenn seems to get her on board with the Alexandria Plan.  When we leave Glenn and Enid in Episode 607, they are releasing green helium balloons from the side of the road, which float up in the air and signal Maggie that her one true love is still alive.  Very sweet and symbolic, and prompting me to exclaim, once again, “Man, these Alexandrians are mad stocked! Helium tanks and shit!”
  3. Gang, I gotta say, I really do not think that Maggie was trying to be a dick when she said that thing to Rick about Judith looking like Lori. Seriously, gang, I really think Maggie was trying to be sweet. That stunt baby they are using for Judith these days really does look like Lori, and Maggie was raised by her momma and daddy to be a polite and respectable young woman. She loves Rick and wouldn’t throw shade at him like that, and besides, she’s got mommas and babies on the brain right now. Cut her a break, truly. Maggie isn’t like that. If Rick looked weird after Maggie said that, it might be because it always sucks when someone tells you that your kid looks like the other parent. Trust me as one who knows. Even if it’s true, when some person’s like, “Oh, he/she looks just like (the other parent, the one that isn’t you),” you’re always like, “Goddamn it!” in your heart and mind. I don’t know, it must be an ego thing.
  4. Spencer thinks he’s Batman and shit. Christ. Grappling hook and the whole nine. I mean, E for effort, I guess, but D for dumbass, too, you know? Spencer, Spencer, Spencer, doesn’t Rick Grimes have enough on his plate? And you’ll never land Rosita that way, so tighten up, Deanna’s son. Seriously. Props for being proactive and shit, but do us all a favor and leave the grappling hooks for those who know what the fuck they’re doing next time, ok?
  5. Deanna. Deanna, Deanna, Deanna. Girlfriend’s got the crazy hair and is all holding up her drawing, like, “Look! I finally figured out where we should plant the alfalfa!” Rick and Michonne exchange looks, like, “Dude, If this were a Bugs Bunny episode, there’d be a little door opening up in the center of Deanna’s forehead, and a little bird on the end of a spring would be boinging out, going, “Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!” Deanna Monroe is a sweet woman who was a good peacetime leader, but she is way out of her league in these times. I usually don’t do this, but I would place a wager towards Deanna/Tovah Feldshuh being one of the “surprise guests” on tonight’s mid-season finale episode of Talking Dead tonight…my WD buddy and I agreed that it’s hard to imagine what Deanna Monroe, as a character, has to contribute to the gang, or the storyline, from this point forward.
  6. And, speaking of looks, did you all catch that look that Rick Grimes gave Michonne when they were standing at the wall? That look he gave her when he looked her face, her fine form, up and down as she was serving him up some truth in the way that only Michonne can? I thought I was dreaming it, but my WD buddy confirmed that that look was a “I want to fuck you” look. I don’t know if Gimple was pandering to us Richonners or what, but that look was so hot. I do love Jessie, and have been able to put my Richonne-shipping aside to put my sincere support behind Rick and Jessie as a couple, but god, that look was EVERYTHING. Truly a taste of the supreme hotness that these two supreme beings would bring if they ever were to be a couple. ❤ ❤
  7. Rick and Michonne may very well have to console each other nakedly if that little fucking shooter-wannabe Ron McSlappy gets to unload his handgun into Carl.  We knew that little McSlappy shit was not to be trusted. Just like dearly departed old dad, McBeaty. If Ron shoots Carl, then that shit would be a definite dealbreaker for the future of Ressie, or Jessick, depending on who you ask.
  8. Hmmm, let’s see…Alanna Masterson, who plays Tara, was looking pretty pregnant in Episode 607…if she ends up being on tonight’s Talking Dead couch as a recently-deceased character, I know that her bittersweet is vastly outweighed by her newborn baby, who she has been posting about on her Instagram page, @lucytwobows
  9. I personally think Gabriel has done his time in the “holy doghouse” and everyone needs to stop being a dick to him. Especially Rick. I did not enjoy Rick’s rudeness when he slapped down Gabriel’s flyer off the post. Even Carl was like, “Dad!” I was glad to see Gabriel putting another flyer up to replace it when Rick walked away. Rudeness is never sexy, darlings. Remember that.
  10. I loved the exchange between Rosita and Eugene during the fight-training session.  After kissing his lying ass, and saving his lying ass, countless times, Rosita finally got to get hers on Eugene and tell him how things are going to be. She was eloquent and adorably strong and sexy as hell while doing so, as well. Props and Deadie to Christian Serratos, as well as undying girlcrush devotion. ❤
  11. I also loved the exchange between Rick, Morgan, Michonne, and Carol, when Morgan got called to Principal Grime’s office to explain all this pacifistic nonsense.  I loved that Rick, Michonne, and Carol listened to Morgan, let him be (mostly) honest with them, and I liked what Rick, Michonne, and Carol each had to offer in reply (basically, three versions of the same message: Nice idea in theory, but in actual practice, do you really think it’s realistic, especially in light of the fact that each time you let someone go, they come back to fuck it up worse for the rest of us?
  12. And then, of course, the delicious scene when Queen Carol tails Morgan and Denise (who, in my opinion, is being a good doctor, respecting the whole “doctor/patient confidentiality” code and ready to treat the needy without being all judgy about it…in my book, Denise abides), and finally confronts Morgan, demanding to know who he has locked up in that house…only to be interrupted, of course, by…
  13. The Damn watchtower falling the fuck down and the horde of Hangry, Hangry Walkers pouring in to Alexandria…fuck, man. I mean, fuck. The look on Rick’s face. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

And so, here we are. There are walkers pouring into Alexandria, Glenn and Enid are close by, and Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha are driving Patty the full-of-flammable-liquids fuel truck, armed with a grenade launcher and about  5 or 6 grenades. I gotta go tuck the kiddies into bed, assemble and load Episode 607’s playlist, and then we TWD fans will all settle in, beverage up, and do this thing. TWD Season 6 mid-season finale, here we come!

Be strong, my Walking Dead Obsessed darlings, and enjoy the playlist:


Band of Horses, “Is There a Ghost”

Grimes, “Flesh Without Blood”

The Hangmen, “Homesick Blues”

Big Grams, “Lights On”

The Church, “Under The Milky Way”

The Vivian Girls, “Tell The World”

Minor Threat, “Screaming At A Wall”

Gojira, “World To Come”





The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 6, “Always Accountable”

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, dear readers, and I would be a big liar if I even tried to pretend that I was able to focus my full attention on TWD Episode 606 during the watching.

I’m not really sure what the hell happened there, honestly. In my world, Episode 606 was all a blur. 

 I remember  Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham being ambushed, and shot at, by some new asshole contingent who seem well-numbered, well-versed in the new world order, and well-fortified with automobiles,  trucks, and assorted weaponry.

This new mystery group boasts dicks-in-charge with manly names like “Wade” who drive big trucks, offer shelter and protection in exchange for obsequious bondage and human servitude, and who are prepared  to lop off an infected comrade’s bitten appendage at a moment’s notice,  with a ready  blade, a swift cut, a clap on the shoulder, and a “Walk it off,” buck-up speech after the dire deed is done.

I remember Daryl’s arms were looking especially fine, as was he, as Daryl sweetly spared the desperate young trio’s lives, even bringing back the cooler full of insulin for diabetic Tina, who somehow managed to get herself bitten by the  “mummified, but unbowed & undead” Walkers Under Glass (feisty pair, to be sure).

(Note to readers: No matter how dear a seemingly-departed someone may have been in life, it is not advisable to say final goodbyes anywhere near biting distance in the ZA. )  #survivaltips

While it did seem a huge waste of our man Daryl Dixon’s time to bring  insulin back to poor guaranteed-goner Tina, and  a gamble that was totally not worth it in the end, we TWD fans did get to see, and feel, once again, (with a sweet, familiar pang in our hearts) just how good, and beautiful, and righteous our man Daryl Dixon is. 

Our man is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside…how we love him! ❤️

As my computer is totally jacked, I am writing this on my phone, so I will bring this post home with a couple more points and a playlist.

Abraham and Sasha? Together as a couple? Totally weird, did not see that coming on one hand, but I did  notice how Spencer’s hotness index seemed to be dialed up a few notches thus far in Season 6, and I did notice (and remark on) how there were more shots, and moments, of Spencer and Rosita together.

Hey, whatever works, I guess…I think the whole ” living on borrowed time” factor changes the stakes in regards to dating and monogamy in the ZA. 

As long as everyone’s happy, for as long as they’ve got,  I’m happy for them, you know?

Daryl may have lost his bike, and his crossbow, for now, but I feel his parting words to the renegade duo, before they take off on his bike (“I’m sorry,” offers the young woman, mounted on the back of Daryl’s bike, carrying the bag containing Daryl’s crossbow, before they roar off… “You will be,” predicts Daryl) will most certainly come true. I feel that  we have not seen the last of those two.

In addition, Daryl scored a full fuel truck named Patty and quickly rejoined Sasha and Abraham (who scored a sweet grenade launcher and about 5 or 6 grenades, plus an ill-fitting soldier suit for Abraham to go a-courting in).

Pretty promising developments in the works for the end of TWD Episode 606, especially as our three warriors, driving the hell outta there in Patty the fuel truck, hear a voice on the radio (which sounded like Glenn to me!) utter one word:


I am hoping against hope that a full-scale rescue of Glenn Rhee may actually be in the realm of possibility…a gal can dream, can’t she?

Love and light to the peeps of the world, and prayers for healing. ❤️

Enjoy the playlist.


Eagles of Death Metal, “I Like To Move In the Night”

Best Coast, “Boyfriend” (for Daryl ❤️)

Savages, “The Answer” (I am not sure what Sasha’s answer to Abraham will be, but if it’s “Yes,” then I imagine they will need some pretty intense make out music…)

Dinosaur Jr.,  “Feel The Pain” (for Daryl ❤️)

Heartless Bastards,  “Be So Happy”

Metric, “Help I’m Alive”

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 5, “Now”


I must admit, gang, it was with some trepidation that I sat down to watch this past week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Now.”  

It seems pretty safe for me to speak on behalf of the entire TWD fanosphere when I say that Season 6, at this point, has been royally kicking our collective asses up and down the bloodstained streets of Alexandria (and beyond).

While I have been predicting this grim inevitablility for some time now, citing the Law of Kirkman like a mantra (“Kirkman does as Kirkman wants, and Kirkman can, and will, play with our emotions…it’s nothing personal, it’s how he do.”) while discussing coping mechanisms and Daryl Partners at great length and detail, I still have found myself as lost, heartbroken, and haunted as the next TWD fan by the soul-shattering plot twists, murderous mayhem, and freefall cliffhangers that Season 6 has served us thus far.

So, it was a truly a pleasant surprise to emerge from the watching of TWD Episode 605 happy, relieved, and relatively unscathed…plus, I had a nice buzz on from the couple of “coping mechanism coldies” I enjoyed during the watching.

While Glenn’s fate remained a mystery, there were no significant casualties (excepting: Deanna’s will to live, along her term as Alexandria’s leader; Spencer’s sobriety; some crappy Wolf Walker who was reanimating under somebody’s porch; Alexandria’s walker cherry; and, finally, the one poor suicide bride that Jessie had to rekill, employing Andrea’s invaluable “Here’s a knife in your eye” technique before turning and informing her horrified Alexandrian viewing audience, “This is what life looks like fight, or you die.).

It made me downright gleeful to see Rick Grimes sprinting like an Olympian back to the gates in those first moments of Episode 605, killing himself a swath of undead along the way, remaining intact, uninfected, and hotter than ever. And then, in true Rick-In-Charge fashion, our man immediately began the business of sexy multitasking, getting in done in his inimitable style, and even stealing a long-awaited kiss from Jessie in the garage at the episode’s end (which has pretty much become their love den at this point.)

And, speaking of lip-locks, I, for one, was cheering aloud when Denise unburdened herself of her fears, self-doubts, and overall paralysis and came out of the medical supplies closet, finally opening up her medical book, getting some doctoring going, and bravely pasting one on Tara in a “It’s the end of the world!” moment of abandon.

Did not see that one coming, and all I have to say is, “You go, Denise!”

Episode 605 also served us up with a highly entertaining round of Teen Tap Out between Carl “I Stole Your Girlfriend” Grimes and Ron McSlappy (the accursed hellspawn of Petey McBeaty, and heir apparent, apparently, of his father’s rage issues and general sliminess. I hope Rick gets his usual on-target read on that kid, whom I trust about as far as I could throw him, right over the wall, and into the horde of Hangry, Hangry Walkers.)

Now, darlings, while this tantilizing teen shove-match did serve us many peals of hilarity (both in the happening, and in countless social media postings afterward) I will say that unless a young person has been studying some form of marital arts in his/her formative years, a first real fight is sure to be awkward as all get-go, and will not win any style points.

I remember my first real fight, aside from scrapping with older siblings…I was old enough to know better, but young enough not to care.  It was many years ago, at a late night afterparty I was at with my boyfriend at the time.  As I remember, I was on call for work, and had an actual pager clipped to my purse (yes, darlings, I realize that I am really dating myself with this statement). Some drunk kid sporting greasy blond dreadlocks and unfortunate facial tattoos came lurching up to the group I was with and fell into my little boyfriend, knocking him to the ground.

I turned to the red-haired girl the drunk kid was with and told her to take her drunk-ass friend home, and she and I immediately launched into a she-match shit-talk exchange of profanity-laden threats and insults. As she turned to leave, the red-haired girl tossed a “Fuck you, bitch, over her shoulder along with her lit cigarette, which landed bullseye on my cheek, the hot cherry of it searing a burn about an inch or so under my right eye.

What happened next goes into the annals of “Defining Moments of A Life,” namely, my life.  I am sure you have heard, and read, the line many times where someone was so angry, so incensed, that they “saw red.” Well, darlings, for the first and only time, thus far, in my life, in that moment, when I felt the double burn of Hot Cherry’s last-word diss and the firey end of her cigarette burning a hole in my cheek, I saw red.

Like, for real. A hot, red, slo-mo, Rick Smash!-style murderous haze enveloped me as I stood in shock, watching Hot Cherry toss her long red ponytail and saunter away, my cheek burning, my mind spinning, as I realized, That bitch just fucking flicked her cigarette at me, and it landed on my cheek, and it FUCKING BURNED MY FACE!” 

And so, dear readers, in my slo-mo, red, murderous haze, with an Altoid-sized circular burn beginning to blister my right cheek and a primal scream of fury roaring rampant inside my brain, I strode up behind Hot Cherry’s retreating form, reached out, and yanked back her head by her long, red ponytail. As I yanked her head back, her wide-eyed shock and surprise was pretty great to see (she definitely did not see that coming!). As Hot Cherry looked up at me, and I looked down at her, I realized that I was gripping a fistful of her ponytail with my right hand…and I am right-handed.

Well, darlings, as I said, aside from going battle royale with my older siblings as we were growing up, this was my first real fistfight.  I had no idea how to throw a punch (even though I fronted tough and had thrown countless on-point punches in my rich imaginary world, where I had the starring role of sexy warrior goddess in the realm of Motoko Kusanagi, Xena Warrior Princess, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer). In real life, I had no idea how to throw a punch, and I certainly did not know how to throw a punch with my left, non-dominant hand.

So, in a moment of dawning realization that felt like it lasted an entire year, I looked at Hot Cherry, and she looked at me, her long red ponytail gripped tightly in my right hand, and with a feline growl, Hot Cherry lunged at me, and we began grappling in a girly, hair-pulling, mid-90’s version of Carl and Ron’s sissy slap-fight.

It all felt so surreal, and slow motion, as Hot Cherry and I hissed and slapped and pulled at one another. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, I’m really going to get my ass kicked,” because I really had no earthy idea how to fight anyone, and there I was, in the beginning throes of a full-party brawl that I had pretty much started.

While I had gotten some good ones in on my sisters, back in the day, it had been years, and in all that time, I effectively had fronted so tough, and kept myself in good shape, so nobody really ever tried me. Until now.

Now, as time slowed down and the world closed in, Hot Cherry and I pulled each other to the ground, scrapping and mewing and rolling around in the grass (the dudes at the party must have been like, “Yes!”).  I remember looking up and seeing the entire party pile in above us, like some sort of fight tsunami. All around us, above us, fists were flying, kids were scrapping, punching, shoving, knocking each other down, kicking at each other.

Thanks to me, and my burned cheek, and my murderous haze, the party had become one mass brawl.

Hot Cherry must have gotten pulled away by a friend, because I lost her in the crush of people who descended upon us. I kept expecting to get my ass kicked, my face punched, tackled, slapped, but surprisingly, no blows landed on me as I crouched down under the fray that raged all around me. A moment later, the sea of bodies parted, and I resurfaced for a brief moment, coming to standing, and facing, of all people, the greasy blond drunk kid with facial tattoos who had knocked into my little boyfriend, starting the whole mess in the first place.

As the party fight raged under us, the drunk kid with the greasy blond dreads and facial tattoos regarded me, swaying, with glassy eyes, and I regarded him, and before his impaired reflexes could react, I clenched my right hand into a fist, wound back, and punched that drunk kid square in the nose, and he went down, ladies and gentlemen. That. Bitch. Went. Down.

Between you and me, that kid was super drunk, barely able to stand in the first place. One way or another, he was going down, anyway, but when my fist connected with his face, dropping him, I tell you, dear readers, that shit was a rush like none other.

My inner celebration was short lived, because I promptly got pulled back into the fray, and the fight once again closed in on top of me, until I felt a strong pair of arms circle around my waist and pull me out of the melee…it was my friend, Erik, who got me safely away and chided me for getting myself into the whole mess in the first place.

Later, my buddy Bryan recounted my shining knock-out moment to my boyfriend (who was not amused, was pretty pissed, actually, and blamed me for ruining the whole night with my Fight Club antics…needless to say, we broke up soon after), saying, “Katie punched that dude right in the face, and he went down like a friggin’ bowling pin!  It was awesome!

And so, the next morning, as I walked home across town from pissed-off boyfriend’s apartment, sporting a good-sized hangover and an Altoid-sized circular burn on my right cheek, I felt like I had crossed over into another realm of my life, like I had gained entry into another tier of existence: Welcome to Badass Country.

My head hurt, my cheek burned, but damn, it felt good to be a gangsta.

Deadie this week goes to Lauren Cohan, and her character, the lovely and beloved Maggie Greene, for being so beautiful, and brave, and who is embarking on the journey of new motherhood.  Much love to Maggie Greene, and to Lauren Cohan, for an amazing performance, and for being one of the most beautiful criers I have ever seen.

If Glenn does not return, it is some small consolation that Maggie will be under the loving care and dotage of Aaron and Eric, the cutest gay uncles any baby or beautiful young single mom could ask for.

And, dear fans and readers, as you know, the buzz about the TWD world community is that the role of Negan has been cast, and it’s none other than the super-tasty Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is really a perfect choice to play the brutal, charismatic sociopath. If this news is indeed true (and it seems confirmed by a tweet from Robert Kirkman himself), then I am alternately experiencing total excitement, total elation, and total dread…a dizzying, heady, strangely thrilling combination.

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Until next week, darlings.  Stay safe, stay strong, and enjoy the playlist, which is at times brooding, loungy, lovelorn, and full of new resolve.


Perfume Genius, “Queen”

Thomas Newman, “Any Other Name”

Zero 7, “Destiny”

Moby, “Porcelain”

Bravery, “Believe”

Joywave, “Now”

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 4, “Here’s Not Here”

“Here’s Not Here”

“You said you like talkin’… I remember that. Little chats with a stranger by the fire.’ You said it was like the movies. And, you said you want everything that I have…every last bit.

Well, here it is…every last bit.”

After last week’s cliffhanger episode of TWD, which left us dangling like Nicholas’s viscera (yes, I am hitching my cart to that horse…in my mind, those walkers are tearing into Nicholas’s body, buying Glenn a moment of time to get his ass under that dumpster until Jesus can save him. And, even if Glenn is bitten, he will still be able to get back to Alexandria and say goodbye to Maggie, who tells him she’s pregnant with their child…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)many anxious and discontented TWD fans chafed a bit at being forced to endure another week of wondering about Glenn’s, and Rick’s, fate as we were served, instead, the elegant 90-minute backstory episode of Morgan Jones in TWD’s Epsiode 604, “Here’s Not Here.”

To me, it would be a real shame and a true disservice to this haunting, masterful episode if the appreciation it deserves gets lost in the gluttony and “Now, now, now!” demands of our bingewatching culture.

I have read the grousing, the negative comments on social media regarding “Here’s Not Here,” and I beseech you, my disgruntled darlings, to find your chill, breathe, and redirect.  

The story of Glenn Rhee’s fate, and Rick Grimes’s beautiful hand, will be told, no worries there, my darlings of discontent…and when we do get our answers, we may, in hindsight, be very glad we got a space of time to process all the information that Kirkman, Gimple, and Nicotero, Inc. serves us.  And trust me, my disgruntled darlings, we will get served.

I actually do want to delve into this visionary episode more deeply one day.  I think, in retrospect, it will be considered one of the finest episodes in The Walking Dead television series. It reminded me, in many respects, of standalone episodes from the Season 4 era, namely “The Grove,” “Still,” and “Live Bait,” when Scott M. Gimple began breaking away from the constraints of linear chronology within the TWD storyline and began serving us these shining, dreamlike,stilletto vignettes that cut right through us and filleted our hearts with terrifying precision.

From the first shot of TWD Episode 604, when Morgan Jones (Lennie James) turns directly to the camera and delivers his opening monologue, to the final sequence, when we see that Morgan did indeed spare the young, dark-haired Wolf’s life, keeping him locked away until the mortally wounded young man (most certainly) will escape, and then, living or undead, will begin another unrepentant, murderous assault upon the surviving citizens of Alexandria “Here’s Not Here” delivers TWD fans another bracing slap-up, Gimple-style.  The episode ends with Morgan locking the door of the detention mansion he is keeping the young man locked away in, in secret, stepping out into the street, just as a voice that sounds like Rick’s screaming from the outside of the wall to “Open the gates!”

And we fans, jaws slack, with yet another stinging hot red handprint emblazoned on our cheeks, can only manage to catch our collective breaths, and sputter, “Thank you, Gimple, sir… may we have another?

Deadies all around to: Lennie James, and John Carroll Lynch for masterful, haunting performances as Morgan and Eastman; Scott M. Gimple for yet another stellar screenplay; Stephen Williams, director; Michael Satrazemis, director of photography, for another gorgeously shot episode; and, of course, Tabitha the goat, instant-internet superstar and social media sensation.

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Much love, TWD darlings…until next week, and enjoy the playlist, which features epic live performances by legends Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Buckley. While I am not able to worship (“ship”) this amazing episode in my preferred twearkeresque fashion at the moment, I can only hope that my humble musical offering shows Episode 604 the love I feel for it, in proper, redirected fashion. RIP Eastman. Your teachings, and message, live on, even if we TWD fans (and characters)  live to regret Morgan’s continuing insistence on putting them into his daily practice. ❤ ❤

(All images used in this post are previously archived screenshots from AMC’s The Walking Dead television series.)


Nina Simone, “Hey, Buddy Bolden”

Simon & Garfunkle, “The Boxer”

Jimi Hendrix, “Machine Gun” (featuring one of the sickest guitar solos known to mankind)

The While Stripes, “I’m Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman Every Day”

The Head And The Heart, “Lost In My Mind”

Eddie Vedder, “No Ceiling”

Jeff Buckley, “Dream Brother” (live at Club Logo)

FC Kahuna, “Hayling”

Bob Marley and The Wailers, “Redemption Song”